Kraken is OP, takes no skill, please nerf him


Alright. Am I the only one that feels that kraken is over used, over powered, and requires no skill to use. I mean I get it trying to stay up in the air floating left to right while getting stasis, or harpooned may be hard but that’s really the only challenge about him other than that everyone of his abilities are to easy to land. Meanwhile on the hunters side kraken is a nightmare to play against. Im a good hunter (main trapper) an example of what’s good: I get no loop domes, evo domes, god domes, and I know how to dodge. Now multiply me by 4 with an exceptionally well good team it is almost impossible to win against the flying fortress of doom. Let’s start by his banshee mines which are faster than a speeding bullet, almost impossible to shoot those things, his after shock which takes 3 bursts of jet pack to get out, even so he can easily just wait for you to waste it then dive in, then there’s his lightning strike which is just as fast a jetpack dodge. Really his vortex is the only thing that feels balanced, except when it’s used to knock you back to the point where you can’t move because you’re getting knocked back meanwhile a lightning strike awaits at the end of that vortex journey. The way you can just use ability right after ability without any wait time is ridiculous, unlike goliath whose abilities can not be used at almost the same time. Me and my team do occasionally lose against a goliath, and a behemoth but other than that kraken is just the only monster who is impossible to win against. I mean when lose against a goliath or gorgon we are just happy because it was a great fight but with kraken there’s little to no excitement. Please nerf this monster we know TRS favors their pc players but as a common almost everyday xbox player of evolve kraken is just so unbalanced to th point where well known players who used to play goliath and so are switching up to kraken just for the wins.


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