Kraken is OP at LvL 1


Okay, here’s the deal. The Kraken is way too over powered at the beginning of the round. Lot’s of players are using him to their advantage to end the round so fast. Doesn’t help the Kraken jumps like 80 feet in the air and whoever is the monster just follows you since he pretty much fly’s and just end up spamming their attack from the air and drops down when everyone is weak to end the game. I haven’t even seen the Kraken reach lvl 3 yet and I don’t even think I want too. May want to fix that before the game drops.



I will say in general the Kraken is misunderstood but when you start a game and you lost at exactly 3mins 33secs and bearly put a dent in the Karken at lvl 1, there is a problem


I was just in a group and we killed a level 1 Kraken pretty easily.


just stop and play the game more…jesus i hope trs doesnt cave in to the bad players and just nerf all the monsters


The problem is that you probably don’t understand how to beat Kraken. You need to get him out of the air, which is completely possible no matter who you pick. Then you can beat him.


I am still playing the game but if you stop and think, the kraken pretty much can own you if they wait for you to drop out at the zone, and when those players using the Kraken can pretty much just wait for the game to start and doesnt even have to bother evolving and can jump you right at the beginning from the air, there’a no reason for everyone to die so fast like that.


I’ve run out of “likes” due to that accursedly hilarious .gif thread, but this … a thousand times, this.


Agreed but still, that air advantage and jump height at the start around should be modified


its not really that big of a deal focus on getting better instead of worrying about nerfs


Ah I remember my first time fighting Kraken… but seriously

Val needs to tranq it out of the sky.
Trapper needs to harpoon the beast (Abe’s Stasis Grenades, A-MAZ-ING)

If your Maggie you need to put the traps high up on ledges so they’ll get tripped.


yep i just got bopped by a group due to abes grenades lol


Thats a good idea and ive thought of that but people dont listen, They always do there own thing.


Took out a good stage three kraken with a better team barely 10 seconds ago. I’m not going to say anything to this OP-sting wich is getting up again and again. Read other threads and don’t start a new one. There a some many useless threads about OP like this one. I’m getting tired of writing why he isn’t OP all the time


I keep it copy and pasted lol


Ive seen but I wanted to make my own thread due to most of all those of just people crying about it. I at least gave my points on why I believe the Kraken is OP at the start of the round



Therein lies the rub. On the hunter side, if you don’t co-ordinate, you’re monster bait.

Ooh, I rhymed!

And “monster bait,” oh man, is that rife for word play. :smirk:


Welcome to the Evolve OPEN Beta!

Where everyone who beat Destiny’s newest expansion (5 minutes after it came out) and COD fans who just need a fix before zombies just run around chasing the big bad monster guy then get all pissed when they get Tallywhacked by a stage 1 monster!

You see why teamwork is dead…


Really doesnt help either when your in a game and there’s no communication because someone isnt using their mic


I 100% agree with you there man!! I remember the good ol days when team work was the way to win… so sad it’s dead now and is a thing of the past…