Kraken is Not Pulled down by Stasis or Tranq Darts


No let me just say this now, I am well aware that Stasis and Tranq are not suppose to affect Krakens flight speed. I know this. That is not what this post is about.

Stasis and Tranq are not pulling Kraken down. Or if they are the affect is so delayed that the Kraken is simply using airburst to completely negate the effect. This means that Kraken is a monster that CANNOT be controlled by HALF the Trappers in the game. This is almost game breaking in its effect.

This is not to say Kraken is overpowered. Kraken is just benefiting from a bug or glitch. I know this. Many people know this. Kraken is seeing such high play and win rates because of this bug and it is a bug.

Please do something about this because i now hate playing against Kraken solely because of this.


They are already aware of this. CC is not working properly on the Kraken and they are looking into it.


Known bug since what? 2.0? It’s been brought up so many times…


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That was neutral, I stated a fact. I do not have to be “friendly” for no reason…
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Are you attempting to troll me now?..
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I am new. However the real reason i posted this is i see so many posts stating “Kraken is OP” “Please Nerf Kraken” etc. I feel that as soon as this is patched the win rate of Kraken will come back in line with the rest of the monsters. I just wanted to remind people that Kraken is broken not overpowered. There is a difference. However he is powerful.


Correct, he’s just bugged at the moment. And even still, will be slightly tweaked later on I believe.
Banshee mines are getting an activation time; or so I hear.


I’ve never said that I’ve got more than one acc so please stop saying some shits about it. Thanks :blush:


That is your incognito account. You claim to have multiple accounts, and “this is just my incognito account.”


Oh it will be interesting but I feel like banshees are ok atm, dont think they are overpowered :confused: i would prefer something like if you destroy mine it would hit the monster.


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It’s kay, @Shin is just a little blunt sometimes.

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I feel that Banshee Mines might chase a bit too far. Rather than an activation time I feel a distance nerf might be beneficial. This would make placement more important and spamming less of a tactic. I would even approve of a damage increase to Banshee Mines, so long as they did not chase you as far as they do currently. Although perhaps a activation time might be necessary in that case

i want this game to be won by the smarter player rather than button mashing and frantic attacking.


Dmg increase on kraken lel Troll detected Kappa


Also interesting idea !


I don’t feel it’s a big but rather the rate at which he gains stamina especially when being shot allows him to traverse quicker than the weak pull effect does to him



You said what now?


So it’s not a bug that Kraken is technically unaffected by slow mechanics and can not be controlled like the other three monsters? No. That is foolish.

If the developers intended for that they would have put out a statement like “players will enjoy playing Kraken because he is unaffected by CC. Pick Kraken if you don’t want to worry about game balance or fairness!”