Kraken Instant Banshees


I think a lot of people see a problem with Kraken and his Banshees, though the devs (I think it was @Insane_521) claim to have no issue with shooting them in the .5 second time frame between invulnerability and activation. So maybe they already fixed what seems to be a bug to me: Banshee Mines exploding with no delay whatsoever.

Here is a video with 4 instances of Banshee Mines fired at me. The 3rd shows how I think it is supposed to be, the other 3 leave me no reaction time whatsoever.

So, this is what I was able to observe:

  • This does not happen while Kraken is on the ground
  • This does not happen when the Banshee Mine hits the ground before homing in
  • For it to happen, Kraken needs to be in the Air and the Hunter between Kraken’s reticule and the ground


This .5 second ability cast delay I mention is something we won’t have until TU09. The actual ‘vulnerable’ state of a banshee mine is something we can tune. When we start our next round of crazy balance mode it will prob be up on the table when we take another look at the overall state of Kraken.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I was not refering to the ability cast delay.
What I mean is the 0.5 second timeframe you (should) have to shoot it before it becomes active.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Banshee Mine has an invulnerability time of 0.5 seconds and an arming time of 1.0 seconds.
It looks like in the video as if the arming time was skipped, and the Banshee Mine explodes before it is even out of the invulnerability.