Kraken infinite pounce glitch?


Just played a game of Defend with 4 stats of rebalance for the monster (as in, hunters won 4 rounds in a row) vs the Kraken.

We were getting rekt by them fair and square, but the real BS began after they destroyed 2 generators. The kraken got a sneak pounce on me, and cabot shot them off after about 1 second, but before I could do ANYTHING, I was sneak pounced again. Cabot shot it off again as soon as he reloaded his gun, and I was INSTANLY sneak pounced again. This happened 3 times in a row until I finally managed to escape.

The Kraken player then started to not bother using abilities (except the occassional banshee mine), and just constantly sneak pounced us all with absolutely no cooldown, wind up, ‘lag’ due to missing with it, or punishment for getting shot off. They even sneak pounced Lazarus standing on top of a rock by jumping up there and instantly sneak pouncing upon touching the ground. There was literally nothing we could do, even with all 3 of the people not getting pounced shooting at the Kraken, they could down us all one by one through chip damage sneak pouncing (the first hit always connects and they sometimes grabbed people behind rocks etc), and it was an easy win for them.

Was this intended due to the huge auto balance on the Krakens side? Is this a bug that just sometimes shows up? Is the Kraken’s sneak pounce secret OP? Could this person have cheated somehow? It just felt seriously unfair for all of us.

Oh, and they didn’t have the ‘stronger sneak pounce’ buff, in case that’s what does it.

Will Kraken pounce ever be unbroken?

It doesn’t have a cool down.


This has been brought up in many threads before about the “sneak attack”. Every monster can do it but Kraken is by far the most exploitive with it. The issue is it had no cooldown after being shot off and an enormous range with Kraken.


This is no glitch, i made a video showcasing this strategy and kraken has the fastest sneak pounce, trust me this is going to get fixed when people start to pick up on this strategy it will not be ignored


Krakens pounce attack is indeed pretty amazing; in the sense that you can effectively use this to kill everything in your path and it doubles as movement!