Kraken in Evolve stage 2


Hello fellow hunters and monsters :slight_smile: Today i want to talk about Kraken and the changes he’s seen in the new Evolve stage 2.

In my opinion Kraken (not Elder) is the only monster atm that seems to be a bit over the top when trying to fight it with pugs. The problem I find with Kraken is that the new movement changes (faster traversal) makes him even harder to control than he was in legacy (in which I found him a bit much to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:)… Yes! The trappers cc is effective… But now that the traversal recharges so fast the effect of good cc is nullified insanely fast :pensive: This in turn means that hunters have a harder time dealing damage because the kraken can keep the fight on his terms as long as he engages in a place with room to move… That would work for me if not for the damage potential of the Kraken - Don’t get me wrong! I like the style :slight_smile:… But with a good player behind the wheel the spell caster style becomes a engine of death that new (and even some experienced) players will have an insanely hard time dealing with :frowning:

Now… This might get better as new strategies evolve (pun totally intended - I know… shameful) or it might just be a balancing problem that will see some love from the devs down the line… I myself find fighting the Kraken to be the least enjoyable part of Evolve (although i still enjoy this game more than any previous game i’ve played) as more often than not it will see me lose the match feeling as if my efforts made little difference :frowning:

Having said that. I would love to hear from you guys about what strategies you employ to deal with the Kraken (I can always use new ideas to improve my game) and what you think about the good old squidface in Evolve stage 2 :slight_smile:

Hope you all enjoy this new fantastic version of Evolve and will help the devs improve it even further.

Happy hunting!


As a main Kraken player, I’m sure he’s not that strong against decent hunter players. Actually I just lost several games in straight fighting against Bucket comp. Actually Kraken is in a significant disadvantage fighting against any Bucket comp if the robot took 3 damage increase perks or class ability reduction/reload speed perk. The damage output of Bucket in Stage 2 is insane! I managed to down Val within 10~20 seconds, but I’ve lost so much health that I was forced to disengage. Then I got dome again, down the medic and lose another 3~4 health bars. Same thing goes on repeatedly and I lost the game even if I managed to evolve to stage 3, that doesn’t matter, my armor and health bar still get melted within seconds.