Kraken help


Right so been playing for a few weeks now and had fun running through the monsters ( and hunters).

So now I’m at Kraken and just can’t seem to win, anyone got any tips for it? I’ve tried a few things like different perks and flying, running or sneaking.
My main issue is never being fast enough to reach s2 so far I’ve only managed that twice and even then only won once.


what ? against PUGs?

1 - press 2 key 3 times around your target.

2 - press 1 key on your target.

3 - keep press left mouse till your target is die.

4 - turn to next target.

5 - win.

Kraken is a total pug trampler.


The fighting part isn’t the issue it’s getting past stage 1 for me.
Seems with all the other monsters except Kelder ( I haven’t unlocked him yet) that I can cross the map before the drops ship lands and then easily get some food but Kraken gives me not much past the first scan unless I am lucky and it’s a slow team or a bad trapper


Yeah Kraken gets destroyed post domes or once the hunters find him. He just doesn’t have the speed or burst to lose the hunters once they find him, that’s his biggest weakness right now.


Yeah I had some luck with a hunger/insatiable hunger / unkillable perk set up today and just sneaking everywhere but in saying that the trapper (jack) didn’t seem great he kept repulsing me up the way


Right seem to have found a useful set up if anyone else wants it in future
Minor / hunger
Major / insatiable hunger
3 / ferocious bloodlust ( climb, feed, smell)
Eating speed is phenomenal and allows for running/sneaking and great for slipping by hunters with the smell range


Whereas Goliath and Gorgon can leap away from danger in a fairly straightforward fashion, the trick with Kraken and Elder Kraken is to slow pursuers down.
Lightning Strike, Banshee Mine, Vortex, Banshee Missile and Death Spiral can all be cast without slowing down all that much, allowing Kraken/Elder Kraken to block off passages or force Hunters to slow down/stick together so the Medic can keep everyone alive.

Hastily rushing after Kraken when the dome has dropped is usually one of the dumbest things you can do as one of the Hunters.


Yeah I finally figured that out today had been bad with the mines but now I’ve got that down I’ve had some nice wins.
Stopped using aftershock as well always took too much damage for it to be worth it.


With Kraken it’s vital to break line of sight and remember to walk every once in awhile. Speed perks don’t affect flying, so if you want to build distance you’ll need to balance running on the ground and flying to be able to escape


Just go play Goliath like all did… He better at everything


Goliath is also better at getting his primary damage source cockblocked by the Assault and getting himself screwed over by every single pillar, rock and tree in the map.

Telling someone who’s struggling at escapes to play Goliath is like the worst advice I’ve seen today.


My personal perk choice for Kraken at the moment is brawler for some traversal regen and damage reduction, followed by double cooldowns to keep hammering the lightning onto the hunters.

Seems like a lot of the tips I have are already here, but I’ll try and summarize what I think are some of the more important ones in addition to a few of my own; bit of a read, but I’m trying to lay out my mindset for Kraken here. So first of all, what you pick for your abilities is super crucial. I have been running a two-point lightning strike with one in mines and one in vortex for stage one, and that seems to be the best for me with the current meta. Vortex is mostly for quickly killing wildlife, if not pushing the assault away and getting that extra bit of damage; think of it as your Goliath flame-breath equivalent.

As soon as the match starts, drop some mines where the hunters first land, just to make them hesitate for a second. Yeah, they’ll heal it up before they see you, but it’s about sending a message. Occasionally drop more mines just behind ledges and pillars, just out of any pursuing hunter’s immediate sight. The goal here is to have the first one to find you be somewhat damaged, and thus an easy target.

Kraken is slow, and the traversal regen helps this a little, but ultimately you will be caught stage one… unless you are really, really lucky. Try and start the fight before the dome hits, if you don’t think you can run. I have had several domes drop just as I’m blasting a hunter to half health, if not dropping them for a down penalty.

Once the dome falls away, book it. Try and save a few traversals when the dome is about to come down, and then take off. Hopefully you’ll be evolve-ready at this point, if not close. Break line of sight, dodge across cliffs and buildings, make the hunters use their jetpack fuel. Also, turn around and blast them with vortex/lightning to keep them honest, maybe even drop a few mines. But primary goal is distance, so if you are going to try and get some damage on them then lean more towards the vortex push-back.

Stage two, dump three points into aftershock. You have more health to suffer the close-range tactic, and the sloppy hunter will not expect it. Plus, aftershock is Kraken’s second highest damage output, next to lightning strike.

Keep getting down penalties stacked up, use your typical monster tactics for priority targets and knowing when you should fight and when you should run and get armor, and you should be fine. Stage three, put a third point into lightning strike and a second point into vortex or mines, your pick. Personally I prefer mines, because they have a higher damage at that point, but vortex can be more reliable if the hunters are shooting your mines down.

Sorry for the long read, just happy to help a fellow Kraken player! Best of luck out there :slight_smile:


That’s just boring though I win ad goliath/m.golaith a lot and I like a challenge


That was a good read I stopped using aftershock for a bit to focus on getting the mines right but as well I only play Kraken on orbital drill/cataclysm now because it feels like a good map for it plenty of pillars to break Los
Outside of that map it’s meaty all the way except overpowered I love wraith there if I’m on a bad streak…


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