Kraken hate thread

Since everyone seems to keep on posting kraken OP threads lets just use this to vent out all that kraken hate and then maybe you will be able to aim to damage it.

You just hate him cuz he’s a squid and you’re an octopus. :stuck_out_tongue:


No I love kraken! Reason why I bought the game is to be a flying octopus that shoots lightning

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I stand corrected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also plot twist.

All his “lightning” is actually ink.


That would be an awesome attack! Use the ink to blind the hunters and to make them slip and fall every where

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Kraken is cool.

That’s enough of venting from me.


Whoa dude calm down, you are freaking out


IMO Kraken is good as is. And has been overnerfed. In competitive monsters have switched to Goliath. Few krakens remain.

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I just found an octopus emoji :octopus:
I love it

reads thread

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Lol this thread doesn’t seem to be going as you planned


I don’t see the reason to hate Kraken.
Perhaps I’m only running onto nub ones…

krakening intensifies

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“Hey my names kraken and i just downed one of your teammates. Let me sit over on this side of the dome and make sure they die.”


Kraken could only become any more cool if he would throw shurikens on top of it all.

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the kraken so great with his wings

I hate the fact that no Trapper knows how to bring them down properly and as Assault I can never land damage. They still need to fix him on consoles.

I can bring down any Kraken with almost any trapper… But gimme Abe/Maggie plz

Ps4 : reefermadness23

Now after that shameless self promotion

In Arena #I hate Kraken!!!#

Until its my turn… Then Kraken all day bro

Do you have a team that you think can kill my Kraken?

Geez if your willing to surf the pubs all day one day with me then sure I will