Kraken has a huge advantage camping bodies


So I just thought I would throw this out there and see where the conversation goes. Kraken’s playstyle inherently gives it a huge advantage camping downed players since it is the only monster who doesn’t have to sacrifice positioning to guard them. It can just stay at its normal distance and keep spamming ranged basic attacks and lightning in that direction.


This is especially toxic against Lazarus, who now has a longer charge up time on the glove. :frowning:

A solution is getting someone to bodyblock if you have a coordinated team mate.


Would be cool for downed hunters above a certain Time on the bleed out get to crawl. Keeps the Monster on his toes more, and can lend itself to punishing of monsters trying to work over downed hunters. Healing them could actually be a thing in pugs.


I would like to see a crawl function. It sucks getting downed inside of a carcass and can’t even shoot the monster.

Would be nice to be able to crawl for cover, as well. Even if it’s very slow, if the monster is distracted long enough to just get behind a rock or something. I like the idea.


:+1: Thumbs up for the crawl idea… even if its just 10-20% of current move speed.


Agreed, I’ve played my fair share of kraken and the body camping is extremely easy since you’re not putting yourself at any more risk than you were before.

The crawling idea I freaking love and it should definitely exist. Even if it’s very slow it could come in real handy in clutch situations.


I don’t like a Monster capable of flying in the first place. Ignores territorial disadvantages and Hunters’ deployables.


Yeah it absolutely should work this way. The whole ‘down’ mechanic makes no sense anyway. “Oh no I can’t move but I can still do pretty much everything else. Except shoot my gun. Only this pistol. The whole gun is just too much for me to handle.”

But I could understand if their legs were broken so they needed both hands to drag themselves, but could still manage a sidearm.


Flyers seem to be a big problem - I wonder why this game doesn’t have a hunter that can do the same, a flying jetpack, or an air net or something that can drop the monster. I’ve also noticed when ever assault picks Lennox - Monster picks a flyer - and that game end with Lennox barely able to even remove the armor.

The current jet packs are laughable.


Abe’s stasis grenades and Crow’s stasis rifle stop it from flying. I think.


Why can’t Bucket use his missile launcher when downed?


You make a lot of threads…


Indeed. <3


YASS Make crawling happen!


Why can’t EMET use his primary?


Well now, THAT, maybe - he just got smashed so his backpack rockets are probably busted