Kraken got any Weakness? And with DMG Buff?


the monsters have different tactics and different healthbars.
but kraken seems very strong in pub matches because it ignores so many abilities like mines, airstrike or so with flying. so i want to know if it really the strongest monster right now.

a bigger problem is many players and i mean many players just run to the dmg buff wildlife or ability-cooldown and hunt the hunters. they spam their abilities and do insane dmg.

im really not sure how to begin this thread or how to end it. i just know this gamestyle especially for kraken isnt meant to be played this way.
a player spawns as monster and always reachs the best buff in the game as first one and after that the monster is so incredibly strong that nobody can beat it.

most players are playing public so dont tell me a good team can still beat it. how many professional pub-teams could fight that kind of playstyle.
the monster is supposed to run away at lvl 1 or 2 or play tactical but this gives them the chance to run in and thats it.
i really enjoy this game but i dont believe it the developers wanted to make the monster-playstyle like: monster spawns, knows dmg-buff-location, go to it and already victory.
most players are normal players and no addicted freaks or professionals who can handle that easily.


Kraken has always been secretely OP, people just dont play him enough :wink:


I feel you. Playing Kraken against pubs is no fun at all. Take Aviary for instance I run to feed and I always run into the Albino Mammoth Bird which gives you the 50% CDR which is extremely powerful right after you hit Stage 2 and put points into Lightning Strike.

You’re guaranteed to lay on some strikes and even have a huge chance of flat-out winning the game right then and there.


Yeah I’m really curious what the telemetry says about kraken wins since the first balance changes, especially against non t4 comps. I think everyone pretty much agrees that t4 kit is bad vs. kraken, but you are right that kraken can ignore a Lot of the damage from the original lineup as well. Combine that with high damage output and kraken is beast mode for sure.


Kraken has been getting a bit too many consistent wins according to the temetry. Macman mentioned that they are looking into making lighting strike harder to land (on PC at least)


Yeah I always thought kraken was the best monster.


Sounds good because as it stands it really is easy to hit, there should be a little drag to it. It’s too responsive as it stands. Also that Aftershock bug is DEVASTATING.


I suck as Kraken yet i still stage 1 stomped a hunter team.
He need some adjustments lmao


I wouldn’t mind seeing the Kraken or monsters in general being changed a little bit. I rarely feel like the hunters have the upper end unless I overcommit to a fight and lose a lot of health in the process. Sunny and her magical leash has to be tone down first and Torvald’s mortar but that’s already been dicussed to death.


Yeah kraken seems really good I always do really well with him. I could see all the monsters get a buff, but the kraken he is the only one I can see a Nerf for.


Same, he just has so much going for him.
Good health, good armor, long range, barely touched by assault, high af damage potential, hes crazy


kraken is just the best in everything

especially that he counters t4 now


the sense of this game is that the hunters have to find the monster during his feeding for evolving.
the monster flees and hides in lvl 1 and 2. if the hunters find the monster they have to dmg his healthbars to have a better chance at the last fight in lvl 3.
with buffs like dmg reduction and dmg buff or cooldown ability its almost like fighting a lvl 3 monster.
just boring gameplay cause the result is already chosen.
i hope there come some changes to bring back the fair gameplay.


His weakness is steady aim and bullets to the face.

If your team isn’t doing this then you are not playing against him properly. Too many times I see Markovs and Hydes trying to get close to use flamethrower/ lightning and not shooting while they do so. Minigun and Assault rifle are both very strong against the kraken, who’s large head nearly doubles their already good dps, Parnell has some trouble, but if the kraken messes up once it stands to suffer huge damage from him, Torvald is relatively consistent, grenades and mortars are harder to land, but his shotgun gains a lot from krakens head to compensate.

Sunny is the only support who has trouble with kraken, but she can enhance team mates with jet booster.

Ciara is not offensive, so her slight weakness is less relevant.

Abe is less suited to shooting kraken, but his stasis grenades help limit kraken’s advantage.


Wraith is annoyingly broken and needs to be looked at again, but with different changes. I never feel like I’m having fun fighting one. It’s always a complete face-roll for either side.

However, Kraken has always been OP from the start. Now that we see more skilled people playing him, we are realizing how broken he is. You’ll noticed the more skilled Krakens like to be on the ground more often than being in the air due to how big his attacks are and how easy it is to chain his vortex with a swing.

Kraken’s melee attacks have the biggest (and most ludicrous) range. It’s so huge, it clears a harpoon from behind without even looking at it.

His ranged auto-attacks interrupt pick-ups without putting himself at great risk. His ability to stay in the air makes him harder to deal damage to from the Assault, which are all conveniently close-range damage dealers.

Almost every form of slow/crowd control is inconsistent with him and since it no longer slows his flying they’re feeling useless. Tranqs don’t pull him down, harpoons don’t pull him down, stasis grenades don’t pull him down. Sometimes they work but it honestly feels like nothing brings him down so that Assault can do consistent damage to him to match it’s damage output.

His sneak attack has an unnecessary long range compared to the other monsters.

How I feel… against a moderately decent Kraken (without Sunny) you simply won’t dodge any abilities. If a Vortex or Lightning Strike misses… it’s not because you did well. It’s because the Monster did poorly. The amount of unavoidable damage that Monsters can dish out make certain Hunters like Val, Bucket, Lazarus unviable in top-tier play. Kraken is the worst offender in too easy unavoidable damage. Goliath only has flame-breath, for everything else he has to chain attacks (IE. Double-overhead followed up with Rock so they can’t jetpack away in time). Wraith has Warp-Blast and Abduction, both of which require no chaining to be avoidable at close-range unlike the Goliath. Lastly, we have Kraken who has Lighting Strike and Vortex. Both of which can be used without even touching the Hunters and still always land as long as you aim properly. Let’s not forget the mines that he can throw that don’t slow down until they are conveniently already close to your face that you will stumble when you shoot them so you don’t take damage. Now you aren’t doing anything to the Monster while you’re stumbling around and shooting those mines.

I heard from someone that the spore-cloud launcher is going to be adjusted. The suggested changes will make Slim unviable against Kraken and we’ll be back to Caira only meta yet again. Slim can’t keep up with any of the Monster’s raw numbers of [Healing = Damage Taken] ratio except Behemoth. His ability to keep the team alive relies heavily on the Monster losing track of the Hunter he’s focusing and thus allowing him to heal up the wounded. Which will make Caira the only healer yet again to be able to keep up with the raw damage.


right now its fun to fight goliath, wraith and behemoth for me. even if good players play them.
goliath is the allrounder, wraith the stealther and behemoth the big tank.
kraken can fly and the idea is good but right now it doesnt make fun against good krakens because it seems that pub-teams dont stand a chance against them.
he is very strong in consideration of fly.


weakness hmm…

Other than the fact you can track his traversal with droplet footprints, there are none.


Kraken is my main and my current record is around 75 to 4. I love that Kraken but… I will be the first to admit I think he is OP. The issue with him is that he can have complete battlefield control - being a flying monster affords him the luxury of dealing damage from wherever he wants to be whilst avoiding many of the more “game-changing” elements of the Hunter team. It is extremely hard to make good use of mines, turrets, traps, grenades, spore clouds, etc. Not to mention how easy the Kraken can simply push away or avoid the Assault. Combine these two factors and you have a beast doing heavy damage without taking much in return.

I am all for nerfing the speed of Lightning Strike as it is really hard to miss, even when Hunters save jetpack fuel. Some people have mentioned running underneath the Kraken, which is all well and good, but I will Vortex you into oblivion and disallow you from rejoining your teammates if you do so. I might say Banshee Mines could use a little nerfing as well, to be honest. Sure, they can be shot down, but time spent doing that is even less damage being done to a Monster that already has very little to fear.

Currently Kraken’s only weakness is the monster player getting bored / cocky and making bad plays.

EDIT: I should also mention that there is very little reason to ever adjust your build once you have found a favorite. When I play Goliath I pay much closer attention to the enemy team composition and adjust my point spread accordingly. With Kraken I do the same build every game because it works every game. I don’t know if this is really something that can be adjusted, but I thought I’d add it as another thing that goes to show how strong Kraken is right now.


GiantChiprel has iterated that fighting Kraken requires different positioning and proper jetpack management. Don’t try to hold high ground - it will leave you with no fuel thus vulnerable to his special attacks. Stay on the ground as low as you can and use obstacles and map geometry for cover. Keep shooting and aim for the head for HEAVY DAMAGE. Don’t try to trade your health for damage, Kraken can be very bursty, so focus on avoiding damage yet putting constant hurt on him. He can only focus one hunter at a time, keep your distance and punish-punish-punish him for being in the open.


But people also seem to have the most trouble with getting him to stage up to level of OP is pretty tricky and getting dome in a bad spot can get you rekt so hard.

Goliath is also secretly OP with the way the he teases you with rock throw.