Kraken/Goliath Win/loss stats


Was wondering if there were any stats on how many matches the goliath/kraken won and lost at all 3 stages.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I read a topic with all the stats yesterday, can’t find it anymore xD…


these were from the E3 kraken tournament. specific stuff on stages or not.

here is a thread full of stats :slight_smile:


…how did i miss that xD haha


I don’t know about the exact numbers but @MacMan posted this in the Telemetry and Game Balance section


Telementry and game balance look that up in the forum btw if you make another thread make sure there isnt another just like it it prevents duplicate threads


I know part of this is covered but I was looking for specific data regarding the wins and loses for Goliath and kraken, and specfically the wins and loses at each stage per monster. I will post the question in that forum. Thanks for the help all! :slight_smile: