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Hello everyone!

After (moderately) being OK with Goliath, I wanted to take the next challenge and start with Kraken.
However, everytime I play with him, I get domed and hurt badly at stage 1. And at best am able to incapacitate 1 or 2 Hunters before dying a painfull death ( Hunt mode).

Truth is, I aim terribly with vortex, lightning strike is more a matter of luck then a hit. Banshee mines and aftershock are pretty straight forward, but I need to remember to keep deploying those banshee mines.

So, here’s my request for help. In order for me to master each ability in a effective way, what have you done? Have you set up a specific custom match with specific mode? I would like to hear from it so I could hope to win as Kraken one day.

Mentioning @MaddCow, cause I saw his Kraken gameplay and it was amazing.

Thanks to everyone responding! (Add me on Steam if interested,


Now Kraken prefer fighting from afar, therefore, you must learn first to stay in the air and Uses air blastes to keep moving
A Tip for the Problem with the Lightning Strike. Uses Banshee Mines and the Vortex to the Hunters to encircle them an then use the Lightning Strike.
For the aftershock, stay in the air and then first come down to the honters, in the air you can move faster.

Now, to masters Kraken is no easy task, but with any practice you can be a big nuisance for the Hunters. :wink:

Sorry for my bad English.


good advice, stop playing kraken lol. not nessicarily you but just everyone in general. he is so unfun to fight against. most “good” krakens spam pounce and spam abilities and then spam pounce some more


Haha, don’t worry, I still adore Goliath way more than any other monster. Just want to be flexible and be good with any Monster out there (slowly but surely)


The best Kraken players combo their abilities into each other, making it harder for hunters to avoid them. Start by pushing hunters back with Vortex, put a banshee mine in the path of their tumble near their stopping point, and immediately start casting lighting at the location that you have predicted their tumble to end. If you can reliably hit that combo you’ll find that you pick off hunters more often and those incaps make your life much easier, since you can just stay back pelt the body with snowballs.


yah its all good, he’s fun but once people start getting competitive with him them its like ok now youre just trying to ruin everyones fun


Any recommended maps for training purposes?


There’s always one.

@flamand_quebec13 Train on all maps, since you’ll likely not have a choice in which map you play on. It’s a bit more difficult playing on Distillery, Medlab, Broken hill, and Rendering plant, from my own experience, however I have gotten better at some of these maps.

Know your feeding routes. These won’t change from any other monster, but I think it’s a bit more important with Kraken, because of how slow he is. You want the energy meter filled almost entirely by the time the hunters are on you. If it’s around half or less, you’re gonna have a rough game.

At S1, keep distance in domes, and remember to throw attacks at the hunters. Deal some damage and try to force Support/Medic into shields and heals. That will reduce the damage output a bit.

At S2/3 you want to be staying closer to the hunters. You want to drop down and use your heavy attacks as well. Follow it up with a Vortex, BM, go back into the air and use a LS. Spread your damage a little if it’s a Val. AS is a great counter for Sunny/Val. Throw BMs behind a hunter, use LS from infront. Either they boost into the LS or into the BM (best case, you hit with both). You can also use a LS from behind to either tumble them, or force them to jetpack into an AS.

Successful Krakens (as well as other monsters) I’ve faced tend to throw in pounces. Use these either to close the gap after a heavy attack/finding yourself grounded, or to throw in a little chaos. If you pounce the assault, someone has to stop to shoot you off. If the communication isn’t great, they’ll all stop their jobs to do that (healing/shielding/CC), giving you a brief window to capitalize.

After a dome, remember to turn around, use your snowballs and other abilities to slow the hunters down. Aim your LS and Vortex in front of them to make them stop or take damage. If they take lots of damage, do NOT go back to finish them, unless you know 110% you’ll get the down. The worst possible scenario is for you to go back and find the hunter is shielded and being healed up to full. You’ll lose all your distance gained and likely find yourself in a follow up dome soon after.


Perfect! Thank you!

So far I found banshee mines, vortex and lightning struck very effective. Not really a fan of AfterShock and is really more dependant on situations.


More tips, more towards making builds.

  1. S1, you should always go 1 in LS/BM/VT. This will give you enough damage potential in a S1 dome, and also abilities to use when being chased to slow the hunters down. 2 skills or less generally doesn’t cut it (at least against decent teams). These three skills are your bread and butter. All good builds must include these 3 skills with at least one point.

  2. NEVER EVER EVER go AS at S1. And NEVER EVER have 1 point in AS EVER! 1 point is a wasted point. AS is only useful with 2 or 3 points. 1 makes the radius so small that you can easily dodge it.

Builds that I use and have found work quite well are;

S1 - 1 LS / 1 BM / 1 VT
S2 - 2 LS / 1 BM / 1 VT / 2 AS
S3 - 3 LS / 1 BM / (2/3) VT / (2/3) AS <-- Last point interchangable depending on game factors (comp, HP left, effectiveness, etc).

The other build I use is

S1 - Same
S2 - 3 LS / (1/2 BM) / (1/2 VT)
S3 - 3 LS / 3 BM / 3 VT

The first build works well when you’re up against a Sunny/Val. The AS (especially at 3 points) allows you to do damage to multiple hunters, and if positioned properly, also take down the shield drone. Sunny will be unable to boost all of the hunters, and Val takes pressure when multiple hunters are being damaged. She must prioritize hunters who are taking damage, allowing you to take advantage by switching to someone else. Continue to spread damage and you will get someone down. Be wary of Sunny aiding Val in keeping people up. If she starts boosting someone who is low, focus on her or on Val.

If someone is incapped Vs a Val, do NOT try to focus them down. You’ll spend ages at it. Instead, move away and let her get the person up. Be prepared to damage the person just as they are up, so that you can get a head start on another down on them.

1 BM is useful to take out Sunny’s shield drone. Once a drone is up, use a BM on it and allow it to lock-on and destroy it.

The second build works well against all other comps that don’t have a Val/Sunny, imo. Use the combos mentioned before by others (and myself in the prev post). Don’t spam your BMs all in one go, or they’ll all get shot down or be wasted. With this build you want to maintain your distance a bit more. You do still want to come down for a heavy every now and then though.

Sorry, that was longer than I planned for it to be, but I hope it helps a bit.


Thanks! I have been able to play Kraken a bit and I am doing good so far. Although I don’t really favor Aftershock that much, as it means getting up and close with Hunters and the attack itself does take some time before it does damage. I found it is faster to spam Banshee Mines, Vortex, Lightning Strikes and physical attacks. Also Lightning Strike is great from afar although vortex would require some better aiming to make that work.

I was wondering if anyone had any gameplay videos for me to watch, as I love seeing how other people play and handle Kraken.


Just as a note, the recent patch has buffed Air Kraken a lot.

Best build currently would be 3 LS BM VT. ( S2 - 2 LS 2/3 BM 2/1 VT)

I wouldn’t mind recording a few of my games, but perhaps after Kraken has been sorted out. I don’t want to play him right now when he’s OP.


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