Kraken footprints


How do you feel about Kraken’s traversal leaving footprints?

Goliath and Wraith traversals on flat ground don’t cover much distance. In the right terrain, though, you can cover quite a lot of ground with either monster and leave no trace.

Behemoth leaves a trail, but his speed in traversal makes it so you still have plenty of time to armor up a bit before the hunters can get to you.

Kraken’s traversal is slow, doesn’t cover that much territory, and leaves a trail for the hunters.

I feel like Kraken is the only monster that a hunter can just follow on foot as the monster tries to feed up, and land de-buffs.

How could this be fixed? What about Kraken gaining speed as he falls out of the air? When first launching into the air it’s kinda slow, then as it progresses forward the speed could ramp up, so it’s fastest right before it lands again. This could make “run away” traversals more effective by taking a series of sprints away from hunters, while in-combat flight would stay slow as it kept maximum height for best angle to land abilities.

This would also mean that Abe, and Crow’s slows, and Val’s dar still pull kraken out of the air and waste stamina, but could also let Kraken get a little distance from the hunters, and maybe enough time to sit down for an armor bar lunch.


Kraken is the most powerful monster currently in game. I don’t even bother stealthing. It’s a mix between distance gameplay, or stealth gameplay. I think his footprints are fine as they are.

But that’s my opinion on the matter.


i agree about Kraken’s attack power.

I pour a lot of resources into lightning strike and banshee mine. Not even a focused Caira can get a hunter back on their feet when you are lacing level 3 Banshee mines into their hides.

But it seems to me if you are on the losing end of one of these conflicts there isn’t much opportunity to just bug out. You can incap a hunter, or run them through dangerous wildlife of course. There’s a lot of opportunity built into the maps to break LOS. I just feel it’s a bit too easy to stay right on the tail of the Kraken with those footprints.

I’ve felt that way from both sides of the hunt.


I disagree about Kraken’s traversal - it can go far farther than the others’, in the right terrain, of course. The Kraken moves downhill very fast, and doesn’t have to worry about climbing obstacles. Think the canyon on Dam or the giant pit in Gusion Plant.

Also, the Wraith’s traversal does leave footprints behind.


Fun fact: While Behemoth’s speed is greater, his traversal is terrain dependent. Kraken gives terrain the middle finger. So in ideal conditions, Behemoth is faster, but in practice…Nah.


Behemoth is slow. ^.^

Even while rolling. ^.-