Kraken flying


I’ve put in around 100 hours between alpha and beta but I’m using kraken for the first time in custom to get a feel for it. Is there a way to ascend? I’m on xb1. I have no idea how to fly high as I’ve seen others do, or is it only relative to leaving a high cliff?


Aim up high in the air and hit the traversal button.

Though I have also only played kraken once too, so there might be a better trick to staying in the air.


Just click ‘A’ without looking or moving and you ascend to max height. Tip for both of you^


Cool, thanks. I think I would always be pressing forward and then I didn’t know how to get higher.


also note that you’ll slowly descend all the time (i.e. its not unlimited flight)


I was wondering about this too, you would imagine for PC that holdng down the space bar would take you higher as it’s the lift.


When in the air, engaging in prolonged fights can also keep Kraken aloft.