Kraken fly-glitch?


Ok, so during the beta, I played A LOT of Kraken…and something I noticed, is when I was just flying around, using traversal stamina at the beginning of the match, each time I would use one air-burst, it would consume two pips of traversal stamina. It ONLY did this on Rendering Plant and Orbital Drill, and it ONLY happened at the beginning of the match, but it was EVERY TIME I played on either of those maps. It was quite annoying, as you can assume. Did anyone else experience that problem? Or am I just doing something wrong with hitting the A button…


Not sure, @MrStrategio might have an answer. Those were the new maps so you could be onto something.


Actually yeah i noticed this as well. It happened when i used my second air burst. I went as fast as 1 airburst but i used 2.


I had this problem too.


Yeah, now that you mention it, I had it too. It slipped my mind. Happened to me on occasions that weren’t even the beginning, like in the middle of the game, it was particularly annoying when I was trying to flee the hunters at one point.


Yeah, on Orbital Drill I went to escape the dropship but barely moving ate up my stamina bar like nothing else. I was so confused :confounded: glad other people had that problem, not just me.


The glitch of nightmares!

But yeah, you are not the only one that had that issue!


I had this issue too I played fine Kraken games on other maps but I struggled to adapt to the lack of air bursts on those maps.


Staying in ‘flight’ slowly drains your stamina so you can’t just keep flying. What you are seeing is using 2 ‘spacebars’ worth plus the drain from staying flying. It’s intended so Kraken can’t fly forever.


I wouldn’t even be in flight I would take off and air burst one time and lose all my stamina


Hmmmm… that might be a bug, I thought it was at first for me as well, but watching my footage my perceptions was that I was in flight longer than I thought.


Confirming that it happened to me as well, and at seemingly random intervals. A bit annoying when you’re trying to get away.


Yeah, it was LITERALLY as soon as I took off right when the game started. I had been in air for maybe 3 seconds, and when I went to use my 2nd airburst (out of 3) the second and last were consumed, and I only got one burst. I never had the problem when in sustained flight, or battle. Only when getting away at the beginning. And we all know those 30 seconds are possibly the most important 30 seconds in the match.


Thanks for reporting this all. We’ll be looking into it.


Since we’re talking about stamina glitches, I want to add: once I was playing as Goliath, my stamina was empty until I evolved to lvl 2.


Thanks a lot.