Kraken flight


Can anyone explain to me how to stay up in the air as this monster. As soon as i touch a joystick to move , its goes down… Some guys say , use your attacks , it’ll keep you elevated… Nope…
Played hunters until level 40 , now going for the monsters … And i dread playing basicly all of them…
Thanks for the tips.


Whenever you use a skill, Vortex, banshee mines etc… the channel animation for casting it will prevent your descent. Also, if you don’t push forward, back left or right and use a traversal it shoots you straight up unless you are at the invis. skybox for that area. Also, always try to have at least 1 stamina as that seems to keep you aloft as well.


While you get shot, you stay up, and never decent.


Being in combat with the hunters keeps you in glide mode. Doing any damage to the hunters or receiving any damage from the hunters puts you in the Combat state. After a set amount of time in which no damage is done to either side by the other you exit the Combat state, at which point you will no longer be able to stay in the air without using your stamina.