Kraken fixes! he's still OP


I have a pro team of top 5 laz, top 4 hank, and top parnell with either a top 3 Maggie or top 20 griffin mixed in and the monsters don’t stand a chance against us, unless it’s a Kraken. This is because the kraken negates so many abilities (orbitals, bullets, mines etc…) Banshee mines, lightning strike and aftershock all in a row, all easy to hit and its a guaranteed down, if you try to run, the kraken just simply flies over to u with ease. It says something when top Krakens say he’s OP. Fix his movement and slow that down considerably, nerf aftershock and banshee mine damage and radius for aftershock as well. If all this gets done then maybe the hunters have a chance! Everyone’s quick to get on hunters when they are the slightest bit OP but Kraken remains OP months later. I don’t get it, do u? Something needs to be done fast, seems like the community is dropping quicker each week. Not saying it’s all because of Kraken because there are many other things we would like as a community also like DLC!!! One character every 2 months just doesn’t cut it. That’s another issue for another day. I Still love this game but it has major balancing issues.

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Kraken: OP? UP? Somewhere delightfully in between? (Current Kraken Discussion)
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