Kraken exploit?


Just played a game on ps4 where a guy was hitting aftershock and then flying towards us at higher than normal movement speed. Not sure if that’s some kind of glitch exploit or what but figured if it’s a bug it needs squashing.


known glitch.

makes kraken broken

same thing on lightning strike.

they know it we know it and every good kraken wont use this cheezy strat


I messaged the guy and asked him if he knew it was an exploit, got some abuse for my trouble. Told me that I was too low on the leaderboards to talk to him.


I don’t think it’s an exploit, it’s probably part of the glitched flight physics. Now, in some opportunities it lets you avoid or escape from the hunters, but in others makes you lose control, so it’s not in favor of the Kraken because it’s random.

It might make what you think it’s a little jump a dash forward that leaves you in a random place. Or the version that shoots you skyward. It can be annoying.


Nah it’s not that one. He was in mid air, activated aftershock and then dropped down towards us at the speed of sound.


yep and thats why those bad krakens are suddenly skilling aftershock :slight_smile:



Let’s team up and destroy the stupid rage trolls that are beginning to amass on our community… I’m sick of people rage quitting cause they don’t get what they want or trying to abuse you out of a party

I will happily help you kick that guys offensive ass cause I am quite familiar with this abuse sadly


Gotta admit, I used to be that guy that quit when I didn’t get the role I wanted. These days I just go with whatever I’m even starting to enjoy medic now.


Hm, I never experienced it, but it could be a variation of the same bug?


Aftershock has always been Krakens best move imo

You can 3 star it at stage one, stand under the drop ship and it’s GG, no flying necessary


Dunno how you do it to be honest but it absolutely wrecks you when combined with a pounce and banshee mines.


vs idiots and pubs yes

before it was only real usefull vs caira+hank to get throught theire defend

right now its just stupid


Aftershock has never affected Kraken’s downward movement. It’s a legit tactic generally called divebombing.


This is true. While it may be an exploit or something overlooked by TRS, this has been around since the Big Alpha. But it could be how it is suppose to work too.


Kraken’s dive-bombing was always a little fast that was by design. Meanwhile his movement speed while in the aftershock and Lightning Strike are too fast. Sometimes I cant get out of an Aftershock using all my fuel to dodge because the Kraken can keep up with me lol


I had many weird glitches as Goliath where I attempted to make a jump. Sometimes I would get launched and sent over extreme distances, like over half the map kind of distance. It mainly happens when I graze an object or an incline in mid-jump, it acting as like some sort of launching platform.
Its happened many times, and ironically when I try to trigger this intentionally it never works.

Note it only ever happens during the beginning of a jump where I am ascending into the air, not descending .


It’s just random movement clipping. It can be annoying sometimes.


the object isn t acting as a platform it s just that when you re in the air and you touch the ground you land but in this case you have barely left the ground so you still have a lot of momentum going so it just kaunches you


I’m pretty sure kraken got a buff for movemnet speed in mid air whil using aftershock. I don’t even put a single point into aftershock after I finished the elite challenge but it can be very powerful because of how fast the kraken is. I’m pretty sure a stage three aftershock at close range is undodgeable.