Kraken event complaints


So everytime there is an event people say the hunter or monster needs a nerf or a buff, There was even one for Goliath o_o Can you imagine the complainers etc when Kraken gets an event? The forums will be destroyed. People complain about him at the moment as it is.


They just need to fix Krakens bugged movement stuff, afterwards people will go back to loving him ^.^


wouldnt change anything…

9 out of 10 games are kraken anyway


That’s my opinion aswell :slight_smile: But just know they are going to nerf him aswell :confused:


Very true.


I think theyre nerfing his banshees cuz theyre being used not as intended, theyre meant to be ambush/traps, not mininukes ^.-


Awww :frowning: But it’s funny watching five of them follow someone when they are trying to shoot you.


just do something with kraken.
freaking annoying to play against 98 krakens in 100 games.


I mentioned this in another thread but figure I will here too since a lot of people while gaming feel like everyone is raging on Kraken due to the Bucket challenge (people choosing kraken just because Bucket is worst against him). We were seeing Kraken spam just prior to the event because he is legit broken since the last patch. He doesn’t need a nerf, just a fix.

Kraken used to get pulled down by all harpoons…and this is the way it should be, but during the last patch which sought to fix his movement a bit now nothing brings him down. Harpoons and stasis and tranqs are all useless against pulling him down right now. Without getting him to ground he is incredibly hard to hit in the air when he’s zig-zagging about, which now he can also do while casting his attacks. He used to be static in the air while casting, and now he isn’t (however I feel this is fair and is part of what the last patch fixed with him). Even with Sunny boosting assault he is very hard to reach in the sky.

To top that off the speed of the lightning strike and his overall ability attacks are faster, making lightning strike incredibly difficult to dodge even when done correctly with one or two jetpack bursts. These issues will be fixed in the upcoming patch. The reason we are seeing so many krakens right now is because he is broken and it’s practically a guaranteed win playing him, much like how wraith was spammed before she got patched.

Kraken will be fixed by the next patch I’m sure, and then all should be well with the monster balancing.


How else did TRS think they’d be used? Banshee Mines can travel to infinity and beyond as long as nothing blocks their path.


They’re supposed to be put around corners and things as an ambush, thats why theyre adding an arm time on em


I know, but I’m saying the mines can travel across an entire map lol. So TRS can’t be surprised that players use them as mini-nukes


Ohhh, thats not the issue, the issue is spamming them onto someones head and having them instantly explode, its a very irritating “tactic”


I think the intended use of the Banshee Mines was supposed to be more like Behemoth’s Lava Bomb. As in, an area denial tool to help direct Hunters away from where you want to be. As they are, they’re essentially a stronger version of his aerial melee.

Also I think Kraken’s burst speed got bugged as well. I know it’s supposed to be fast, but it currently goes faster than the Wraith’s warps and looks really unintentional.

I’m crossing my fingers for some Kraken fixes in the next micro patch on PC since there’s no cert time there. Kraken and Sunny are the only truly obnoxious characters to deal with right now, IMHO. Also crossing my fingers for an update on that patch now that the Bucketfall event is over.


I can tell you one thing while facing all of these un-harpoonable Krakens though…they are my own personal Kobayashi Maru Test!


Yep. And you can use them fairly often while avoiding a cooldown. And if you miss hitting someone they’re just gonna sit there in the battlefield anyway.

This too. It looks glitchy tbh - like he’s shot out of a cannon, sometimes faster than the animation for his movement, or he’ll be at the highest elevation of the map/dome in the blink of an eye. He has a lot of issues with his actions (and damage) applying faster than his animations can play; in combat he often just skips over several short animations and there’s suddenly a Vortex flying across the battlefield, a bunch of mines everywhere, and he’s lining up an LS, or he can use it on the ground to breeze through a pounce, a heavy melee, etc. A decent Kraken will just speed-spam combos while zipping back and forth, mitigating or negating most of the heaviest sources of damage while dropping insane DPS all over the place, and they can’t be CC’d. I find the Krakens I’m beating now are usually only the bad ones who try to fight on the ground - but even Aftershock is bugged and applies flight speed now.


100% of Kraken complaints are justified. I used to main Kraken but since the patch I haven’t touched him, he is a disgrace and NEEDS nerfs, and tbh monster players who still play him and think they earned their Kraken wins are just bad players.


you mispelled ‘ex-wraith’


Top Kek!

10 char


or just want to play their favorite monster

But yeah, he’s way too strong, and dont forget the sneak pounce, which seems way stronger than the other monsters, and tends to even be able to hit while hunters are in the air