Kraken Elite trouble


I am perfectly fine with every challenge other than the vortex, it just seems ridiculous. even behemoths tongue grab has 100 less and that is easier to do than the vortex. But hitting midair hunters 275 times with vortex? thats just a little outlandish. could anyone give me tips on how to do this? if theres an easier way tog et this done that im missing?

Cheers and Happy hunting


When i’m airborn is the time i hate getting vortexed most. When i play against good krackes they generally wait for hunters to close the gap between them. Generally they use the jetpack (either fly boosting or just boosting) when they get close vortex em.


I see what you mean, as a hunter i do the same i never realized that. ill just have to pay attention and time it perfectly.


Step 1: Find pillar
Step 2: Climb up
Step 3: Profit


the other thing i hate(although not pertaining to your eliting) is when they wait for a second at the top of a cliff and vortex me as soon as i get to the top.
just painful.
i already wasted all my fuel on climbing so i have no left. and if i see it coming… i still wasted all my fuel on climbing now i have to descend and waste time again.


Kraken is the ultimate time waster when it comes to jet packs, a well placed vortex with 3 points on it can send a hunter flying off cliffs and down rivers and then get blown into a mammoth bird just for good measure.


Step 4: Orbitial Barrage


Ooooh right, i forgot people choose supports that arent sunny nowadays.


Check this thread. It helped me for goliath and kraken with my own input on kraken banshee mastery. Plus if you have advice for other monsters/ hunters, please post.


There is a fast and simple way to get this.

Play Hunt on Fushion Plant. Set timer to 40 minutes with Caira as medic and Parnell as Assault other two shouldn’t matter. AVOID PLAYING WITH TORVALD AT ALL COST!

Stage up to stage 3, armour up and go to the relay.

Once in the relay plant, go to the highest platform and simply vortex any hunter that gets up to you. If the ability is on cooldown simple melee the hunters back down.

I had to do the mastery when it was still 380. I had no trouble getting 50-75 hits per match.


With the terrible bots you dont even have to do this, just go s1 with 3 points in vortex and camp that giant canyon with the tyrant in it. Start the match by going for the thunder chicken buff in the nw if you can find it.

Good for the gols firebreath too, as the damage buff is also near the start.


This is actually a really good idea im going to try this asap, thank you.


do it now.

Here’s a guide for goliath I made, if you haven’t done him yet. I’m 3/4 done with my Kraken guide but haven’t had the time to finish it.


Thanks for the support, i have Goliath and Wraith done, i just have tongue grab for Behemoth and Everything on tier 3 for Kraken, almsot there :sleepy:


Tongue grab is dirt easy. Fissure the hunters and tongue grab them when they are in the air. A nice flat area or a place with deep water will do best.


the best map for any monster farming is almost always aviary…those corridors are a gift from heaven


Heres how I did it in ONE match. Yes, one.

Bot game, hunter comp doesn’t matter much, I just left them at default T1.

Map: Orbital Drill.
Effect: Colonists.

Monster has favor, high wildlife, infinite strikes, 5 second reinforce.

3 points in vortex. CD reduction Perk
Armor up quickly, then head towards the shore until you get to the Two towers that have a bridge between them. Just sit on that bridge, and the hunters will try to jetpack up to you on one of three routes, either up the sides of the towers, or over the lake towards the middle of the bridge (best one). Just vortex on CD, because the wide open spaces will push them far enough that it will be up again by the time they get back to you. I got all 6 hunters (colonists count) in a single vortex a couple of times, goes rather quick, and when your armor gets low, just run and armor up, repeat.


Vortex was relatively easy, it was the mines that are annoying for me.


Go into Hunt, put Hyde on as the Assault, climb a high thing, spam Vortex.


Check this thread @Shin
Monster and Hunter mastery strategy guides