Kraken Elite Skin


Has the Kraken elite skin been disabled? I just cannot seem to get the final thunderbolt for the tier 3 requirment?


What do you have to do?


The challenge is called Lightning Strike. You have to interupt reviving hunters 12 times, of which I did 11. Now I am not sure if the last one is bugged or not or what? I swear I did it ten times by now and nothing.


Pretty sure it has been disabled then.


Mhh idk, you know daisy does not count? for goliath you have to do it 20 times with charge, only 12 atm after hours of trying.


Yes I know, it was not Daisy.


Could be bugged, let 2K know:

Something small but still a bug i guess.


Other people are having the issue on the streams I’m watching, as well.