Kraken discussion


Just curious how everyone feels about our favorite lightening monster? Personally, I was afaird of the Vortex nerf but it isn’t that bad after i’ve played him a few times now. Honestly, I feel Kraken is now the strongest monster. I feel he should be pulled a bit more towards to the ground from stuff like Statis. harpoons, etc. How does erveryone else feel?

Kraken is Very Not Balanced

I thought stasis did pull him to the ground (it seemed like it earlier while I was playing. It was quite annoying in my games. Lol)

I love kraken, him and goliath are probably the most balanced. The new hunters tear through wraith to easily in addition to finding it easier. Behemoth is a boss but will be better post patch.


They do pull him to the ground but an easy melee hit/ Glide traversal usually puts him out of range of a Statis gernade and Crow usualy has a hard time hitting him with a charged up shot from my experience. I just feel it should pull him a bit more but not too much.


Well, since kraken has a strong ability to dodge, I would just do rapid shots rather then charged unless the kraken is flying straight away from you and isn’t flying backwards. The charged shot is best for up close encounters or for creatures with lower mobility choices.

In my opinion, crow isn’t the best trapper for kraken. The best trapper against kraken would be Griffin (I choose reload speed perks) because it is more reliable for me to hit a moving target.


Wraith and Goliath are balanced, Behemoth is weaker, and Kracken has been OP (not strong) for a while. He needs the nerfs :confused:


Don’t worry. I hear Kraken nerfs are on the way.


I was playing wraith earlier today and literally couldn’t keep a distance between myself and the hunters. I even had +50% traversal regeneration because I knew of his recent nerf. Got to stage two, but that’s as far as I got as I ended up constantly running the entirety of the rest of the game. So I hope wraith gets looked at again after this next patch

Goliath is nearly perfect. but he is the poster child of the game.

Behemoth is weak but fun. Their buffing him next patch though while fixing his roll spam.

Kraken isn’t even getting a strong nerf. The vortex knockback is getting reduced, and lightning strike’s tracking is going to slow down more towards the end.


Val’s tranqs are absolutely worthless against Kraken.


I don’t believe that as Val was a pain in my arse earlier.

Just grab aftershock if there’s a Val player. Make her regret pulling you down.


Every time I play Val against kraken and keep him tranq’d continuously he barely touches the ground.


Stamina regeneration perk perhaps?


One thing I ran into today that I hate is people doing that flying aftershock trick where they essentially wraith teleport to you while aftershocking. Has anyone else run into this?


No, I haven’t. I heard of this issue but I have yet to see it myself.


Seems like CC doesn’t pull the Kraken down that effectively anymore.


Ya I’ve only run into it twice now, but both times we got destroyed. I hope they fix this exploit, it’s almost like behemoth roll+heavy hit combo


Yea, they’re adding a “timer” to behemoths heavy hit when he gets out of roll so that if you attempt to spam it, the rest of the attacks are light hits. But until the big patch that will do that, their gonna nerf his roll damage temporarily.


I haven’t searched around but is there a estimated time when these soft patches are coming and when final hard patch will be around?


The “micropatch” is planned for this next weekend. It would of been this weekend but they wanted to do testing first.


Maybe a few of them? I’ve fought a decent amount of krakens with Val since the patch.


I know the ability is designed to gradually bring then down rather than dropping like rocks. Same with stasis and stasis nades. It was changed last patch. They also don’t slow kraken down while he flies, only while he’s on the ground