Kraken Decoys..... or switched bodies ability?


So I was playing with some friends and the Monster being a Kraken and a bot did something insane.

then about 10 seconds later we got birds in the sky and we chanced down the abomination and the Kraken shed his old form and became this!

Has this occurred to anyone else or has the Kraken evolved with a new power to switch souls into other creatures?



lololol the first video is kinda sad and scary at the same time xD



My friend and I are turning it into our meme for when we play Evolve now.



As an avid ANTI-Hunter I oppose this picture.

As it regards the videos, a kraken becoming a tyrant? @macman and @MrStrategio Needs to see the OP.



I’m sure the new maps just have some bugs right now. On this same map, a friend and I were on top of the dropship and then we were running above the map for the rest of the match.



It could be a glitch but I still think it is funny.

@ReleaseDaKraken We had a hunting permit from the Shear Commissioner of Public Safety and it was for promotional reasons.



Is it bad that i regret buying the game for PS4 simply because i’m missing out on getting content sooner? bought the game for my ps4 because i figured they would have a bigger player volume. wishing i had bought it for my xbone instead because the rooms are quite as hell and i want content sooner.



Overall the Xbone has had the most problems. So I don’t think you should regret buying it on ps4



WHAT DID YOU DO!!!1111!!! OMG…
But seriously, I needs details on this one. Was this an AI monster from the start of the round? Was this in Skirmish or Custom Multiplayer? I have a theory behind this, but I need this information to see if I am correct.



This was an AI monster the entire way though and we were just playing Skirmish the monster was behaving normally and was just a normal round until this if you need more specific details I can be more happy to help just ask. I would love to hear your theory on why this occurred because I am curious what actually happened.



I have a feeling this is a symptom of the invisible monster bug. I’m guessing someone joined your game late and got the invisible monster bug, and when you were killing the Tyrant he was hit by a stray bullet or AOE attack, killing his ghost and ending the match.



It would of told us if someone joined in late and my friend Dave (Playing Tolvald) killed him when he went around the corner with mortars. But it is possible because in the first part video the birds were startled and we just did not know but even when we got out of the game and into the lobby we still did not have an extra person.



Just as a heads up this happened to me for the first time last night. Killed the Goliath AI on Barracks and immediately was wondering why the game wasn’t over until birds were scared off in the distance…

We ended up killing whatever it was with a bunch of sprayingg of fire… although I think it was because I killed a reaver but who knows.



I think that’s part of the invisible reaver bug. A human player spawns in as an invisible reaver that is linked to the AI monster. You can trigger harpoon traps and birds, but as soon as you die the AI dies as well, even if at full health.



While that may be…I would loooove to have an additional minute of game time to allow for photo opportunities like this!



In the case where it happened to me, I just took control of the AI Wraith after my untimely demise.



Not me, the game simply ended immediately with hunters killing monster, so it’s a varied bug.

You could say it… Evolved.



u just had to make that pun , didnt you XD

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ok, and what about my glitch in the video above where I’m standing on top of the dropship and then running above the map for the rest of the match…



I like the idea of a fifth ability that switches souls for the Kraken ^^

Or maybe colonists just wanted the hunters to also kill this freaking Tyrant lying in the pool of the cooling system !