Kraken Cheese


I assume most people here have experienced ‘Kraken Cheese’. This is when a Kraken litters the landing spot with Banshee Mines and pre-channels a lightning strike on the spot where the Hunters land, not allowing them any ability to dodge away and free from the attacks. By the time all mines land (which you can’t shoot) and the strike, half the team’s health is gone.

Throw in a Aftershock and a melee attack and one member is down for certain, usually the medic.

There’s multiple ways that this could be solved but in the end, I just ask the developers to consider this type of strategy and ask themselves if it’s really ‘fair’ that the Hunters can’t even defend themselves as they’re stuck in that stupid skyfalling animation and unable to dodge or shoot.


This has been mentioned and is being looked into. I know Kraken has some cheesey things he can do at the moment like this and body camping. The devs are seeing what they can do from a previous thread I have read.


Get rid of Kraken! Its the only way. In the air, abilities to strong, easy to use, hard to hit, tough to dodge.


Speaking of Kraken whats are the weaknesses of Elder Kraken? I fought one for the first time since I was away from the game for awhile and I got my ass kicked hard.


@Kishan_Devkaran the Kraken is definitely a fair fight, theyre are plenty of ways to bring it down and as long as everyone spaces correctly during the fights its biggest damage combos wont drop the whole team. Bunching up is an easy way to lose that fight. Debuffs and pressure are your best friends.

@Slewey Elder Kraken is pretty abusive I feel ya on that. I found that while it is flying you are the most safest compared to when it is on the ground so it is best to deal damage or begin setting up traps and heal plans for the next time it comes down. Once it comes down it has amazing DPS and can hurt pretty bad if singled out. Saving the important debuffs for once it hits down on the ground like slows and damage assistance is your best bet. I hope that helps a bit.


I like playing Kelder, and in addition to what @flamingaxe12 said, dodging is the key to victory against him. His moves hit hard, but his Lightning Strike and Death Spiral are easy to dodge with jet pack, and his Chain Lightning has a short range. Unfortunately it also bounces between hunters and wildlife, but this can be avoided if nobody is hit, or your team is properly spaced.


easy fix is after drop hunters have a spawn protection for a brief period, boom solved


First of all it can not attack from the air, its a melee monster.So Hyde can be picked against it.Secondly it doesn’t have the burst damage Kraken has.Elder krakens vortrex is a DoT damage type and its Lighting Strike is very dodgeable. Even walking out of the vortrex radius is possible.

So bottom line i think with Rogue Val or Caira as medic which can outheal the vortrex damage, you simply have to out-damage it before it kills you.Vortrex easily healed,lighting easily dodged. Just watch out for the other 2 spells and you good.


No, other than cheese, I think he’s totally fair. I win most of my matches


as it, or when being a hunter


Hunters. Just dodge Aftershock and Lightning Strike. Shoot Banshee Mines. Easy peasy.


Say you dodge 1 ability, you won’t have enough to dodge a second ability and then stuck in a cycle because Kraken is all about combos. Banshee’s come in very fast, especially if the monster shotguns you with them in the face


lm on the tough but fair train.

But I do dislike the whole “surprise mother truckers” start with the banshees.


Annoying thing with banshees is they’re not used as mines, it’s a straight up homing missile attack. It flies fast, has good range and activates so quickly. Krakens just spam that thing in the Hunters face without much thought.


Exactly, its so fast, by the time it shows up on your screen, your down 25% + health


I thought they were adding guns to the drop ship. An easier solution is giving contol much earlier to hunters whike falling. In legacy evolve you can get control much faster so this sort of thing wasnt that big of a deal.


Jetpack management. It is easier said and done but if you made sure to hold onto more than half of your fuel you would be able to dodge the combos and only take basic hits until you have enough to dodge again. Remember, you are a team you should always be able to have enough at the start. I know that fuel can vanish quickly when you are aggored but never panic and get the lay of the land to make sure you can re position well after the first dodge or two.[quote=“Slewey, post:14, topic:91864”]
Annoying thing with banshees is they’re not used as mines, it’s a straight up homing missile attack.

@Slewey I do agree with this. I have been shot up by some mean banshee mines. Not much of a surprise projectile anymore.


Well, after you dodge, I usually use my jetpack to get out of the fight, but its over if he keeps focusing me.


He does have some nasty DPS if he keeps meshing his ability on one person. But if this happens a trade should be happening. His armor should be gone and the health should be going down. I noticed that if he goes bananas on one person he cannot walk away perfectly fine in my experiences. It is very situational and depends who you have trying to protect you as well.

It is almost like a Wraith situation. Kraken has great abilities and if it focuses one person it can definitely mean a strike soon. However, if there is DPS from the hunters on him and some debuffs as well, you should be able to run him around and trade a good chunk of health for a strike on a hunter.


Sure you will be. It takes one dodge per one ability. That means you can dodge the two attacks, both, twice. That’s not even considering recharge or perks. I literally have no problem with them if they’re not cheesing me to death