Kraken changes are incomplete


All they’ve really done is make stasis nearly useless. His stamina in combat regens faster than it pulls him to the ground resulting in a monster that moves extremely fast and is unaffected by trapper weapons until on the ground making him hard to hit or deal any damage and even then he still has his Goliath level of armor and health to rely on.

I’ve noticed over the past week that Krakens have gone from manageable but dangerous to out of control.

Crow is completely useless, Abe can be ok but still has trouble actually pulling Kraken down (and since Kraken moves at full speed he just leave the AoE of the grenades VERY quickly), Griffin’s harpoons are broken instantly by ranged attacks and Maggie is not bad but requires a lot of setup time.

This is an issue when a monster can virtually ignore Trapper CC.

Telemetry and Game Balance

For some odd reason it does feel like the Kraken jumped from being manageable to just a crack house of power due to the patches. Seem like nothing can keep the Kraken down and none of his abilities slows him down properly.


i wonder with the new aftershock + LS issues. will esl and the like ban him lol.


I have only got to face a few krakens since patch, but I did feel he was really hard to bring down in those games. I need to find more krakens before I can say for sure.


Ive actually discussed this some friends after my 4th in a row win as kraken… the 4th being stage one :frowning:


If it isn’t micropatched this weekend I would hope they would Ban him. Of course, that changes up a lot of things as people are forced to play something else etc…


Well good to know I’m not crazy…


No, you are right. Kraken got a weird buff this last patch, and making him the ideal strongest monster in the game in terms of what he can and what can actually affect his combat style.


If the only things you are hitting him with are Tranq Darts/Stasis Grenades/Stasis Gun/etc then it will not put a monster in combat and will not cause faster stamina regen. Tell your teammates not to fire until you have a dome up and there’s no problems with getting him him dome. You actually have to do damage to put a monster in combat. For this reason I’m not exactly sure if harpoons will put a monster in combat since they do very slight damage.


Doming him is not the issue, getting him in range and slowing his movement in combat is the issue.

@Wanderwulf: Nice argument, care to try again with something not pointless?