Kraken chaining exploit?


Hey, just thought I would mention another exploit/glitch that was just used on me… So I came up on this evolving Kraken as assualt, the second he finished, I was dead (well, incapacitated, I didnt have any strikes or HP loss). It happened so fast, that my shield didnt even have time to come up, and Caira (Who was 10 meters behind me) didnt have time to fire one shot off. I literally had no clue what hit me, nor did my team mates. After the game, we asked him what happened… he hit me with a banshee mine, heavy attack, banshee mine, sneak pounce, vortex, all in a half a second. Apparently this combo will frequently ignore cd/cast time/animations. Just thought I would throw it out there if you guys at TRS ever get a chance to look at it.

Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance

Here is the vid of the aforementioned, well, on the other thread there is

here we go


More proff of the exploit @PiersPryce is talking about

Check the vortex, banshee canceled into pounce exploit vs the Support in that dome fight, as soona s the video starts


Why is that suddenly an exploit? That stuff has been around for ages. I thought high level kraken players would all do that. I considered that a combo tbh.

Air attack while landing, banshee,vortex, pounce, cancel, meleeattack for a nice 100-0. At least that is how I remember the combo from back in alpha. The only thing questionable is that you can pounce people that are meleevortexed. Some people also put the vortex at the end to get the corpse into favorable position

Banshee animation is simply not long I don’t think the term canceling applies here. Krakens heavy attack is just insanely good as is the pounce so it seems that these combos are the natural conclusion.


I mean, exploit might not be the right word, but if the fact that it’s basically a 100%-er combo you can’t save yourself from should maybe be setting off alarms regardless?


So you considered this fair?


It sounds like it’s a good player making a killer combo, more than an exploit. Congrats to him.


congrats on mashing keys for easy insta-down?


Sounds fairly similar to the Goliath’s Leap Smash + Rock Throw combo. I think anything that can one-shot hunters with almost no time to react should be looked at.


yeah, leaving aside the hypothetical broken mechanics, I think he has a merit on finding/creating the combo


Fair enough I guess, good job to them on finding it and it getting out to the world. But surely you agree that it is completely ridiculous and should be fixed, yes?


I consider it as fair as a Val+Abe+Sunny+torvald group that will tranq you and never let you go… it’s completely ridiculous and should be fixed…


To be fair, that’s less of a guaranteed win combo and more of a " team made to fulfill a very specific purpose ". They’re strong in one aspect that affects the match but can be played around, not an unstoppable killmove with no counterplay.


only 20% of the matches that catch/trap a Stage1 monster survive… That’s pretty close to an unstoppable killmove. It also depends on the speed and escape values of the monsters provided in the game.


Well, I would have to see how it works and see if it’s something anyone can do (i.e., me) more or less easily. If it is, then a tweak might be necessary. But again, in theory it sounds like a creative combination of existing moves from a skilled player.

The fact that it’s a combo that doesn’t let you do anything reminds me of the Street Fighter games, where skilled players can do these unblockable combos, where they chain movements by cancelling them in a split-second after landing the first hit. Which brings also a point, because the hunter can avoid putting himself in a situation where the Kraken will hit him with this combo.

I’d say it’s worth a look by the devs.


Okay, so don’t get caught at Stage 1. You can actually sneak and be evasive and take steps to avoid it, unlike the combo shenanigans. Stage 1 monsters will generally lose fights against most teamups, same way stage 3 monsters are generally likely to win. That’s how the game is balanced and it’s a central mechanic, and playing to that is reasonable. I’m pretty sure they didn’t sit around the office and say " Hey, let’s make it so that one of the monsters, if they do a particular combination of moves consecutively, have a guaranteed knockdown on their target ". There’s a difference between an overall game plan and a kill move. If you said " Torvald combined with Sunny can perform a specific series of actions where they can instantly melt all of the monster’s armor and there’s literally nothing a monster player can do about it ", then it’d be the same kind of issue.


This is the core of the game though, get caught at stage 1 you get fucked…


As someone who’s somewhat into fighting games, I can appreciate the notion of punishing the hunters for playing into a monster’s trap. However, how broad the circumstances for " walking into it " are a very important part of it, and when the circumstance is " The monster can see the hunter and is within 50 meters " , I would argue that stops being a punish and becomes a cheap move.


It’s button mashing, nothing more. There are combos like jumprocking or haymaker in l4d which are valid, they require a bit of skill. These are not frowned upon because they are avoidable, tanks are slower than you and you can see the animation loading. What we have here is not possible to avoid, monster is always faster than hunters and you are cancelling animations. It’s ridiculous and it’s even more ridiculous that someone would defend it


Not sure how this is being defended. Might as well give Goliath a homing rock throw that incaps hunters in 1 hit.