Kraken Ceilling



You killed Kraken with the Ceilling nerf its impossible to do anything now just stayn on a cliff as hunter and he is ez to kill or throw some slows as Crow or Abe and he is done you ruin your own Game TRS with nerfing Mosnters over and over again instead of buffing them like Krakens flying speed it by far to slow


best traversal i had was ascending 1 meter from the ground…


Well ALL hunters got nerf that you wanted so much to jet pack perks for some reason. So I find It only fair.



i didn´t want any nerfs for jetpacks.


Don’t need to stay high anymore cause tinkerbell are gone… Squidface will be fast when transversal on ground…


The monsters whine too much on tinkerbell cause they don’t know how to counter them… Sad those perks are nerf now


i didnt saw onyone whining about tinkerbell prolly those common Monster players that dont know how to play but well i think they have to give Kraken his strenght back because they fucked him up


Too bad mate… There are tones of topic regarding tinkerbell that monster whine before this patch nerf… You should try search for it and read it… And it’s hilarious…


Well there are also a lot of hunter players whining about the Grounder perk.


Yup… And grounder gets nerf but hunter gets DI , swap speed and capacity nerf as well which doesn’t seem like fair don’t you think


i doesn’t cuz nobody is playing it to be honest or am i wrong ?


yeah they nerfed DI, swap capacity and reload, which to me is at least the counter to DR perk stacking monsters which is I do when I play monster lol


Cause grounder removes hunters ability to dodge ? and people are legit upset about it ?


And the tinkerbell set up removes monsters abilities to get any downs and people were legit upset about it.


Meh just have fun with it… they keep balancing every week based on feedback anyway


Hold the fucking phone…I don’t look at perks! What happened to my jetpack!!



It did not… It just forced monsters to adapt to a. Weird and unknown fighting style. There are some cases in which it was to strong… 25%health combined with a sup or med that can keep you alive until it has recharged. Now it got nerfed by 10%and all of a sudden it is not viable to use anymore…

  1. Hunters as a whole got nerfed like 5 weeks straight.

  2. why do people insist on acting like once trs has nerfed or buffed something that they have locked this change in stone and will never again touch or adjust it ever again?

“Well boys that’s it. Better hope we got it right cuz we can never adjust this ever again”

Believe it or not - trs MONITORS these changes. And - as CRAZY as this sounds, they WILL change things again if it’s needed.

Balance is an on going process. They adjust, watch, and change again if needed. Don’t panic. Don’t rush conclusions. See what happens. If it needs changed, have some faith they’ll change it.


The point I was trying to make is that everyone has to adapt against the tinkerbell setup and the grounder perk.


I thought the kraken ceiling fix was to address a bug?