Kraken can't fly?


For some reason, with no tranq’s/stasis/harpoons, I simply cannot fly. It’s not consistent, but sometimes I’ll spacebar straight up/back an he’ll fly up before immediately plummeting right back to the ground, which pretty much means a dead Kraken. Just lost my first match out of well over a hundred since Alpha as a Kraken due to this. I don’t remember having this issue during Alpha. Has something changed with regard to his ability to fly? This was during combat by the way.


Nop kraken works good with me.Maybe u press space while looking at the ground or ctrl or something?


I just got from playing my first Kraken game this beta (had like 40:0 score in alpha) and damn they nerfed the distance he can cover by gliding. Btw. Kraken doesn’t fly he glides and you need to push space every now and then, so unless you have some sick traversal cooldown reduction he will fall down.

nerf wraith


Does it work for you over water? I’d hit space and immediately fall down. Like the bay in the snow area.


Yeah every time I am on ground and have traversal charges I get in air upon pressing space.