Kraken... Buffs?

I really dont know what to think of it. Stage three aftershock is now bigger. Does do less damage now however so maybe they think it’ll balance out. Any opinions?

Jetpacks are more reliable and damage was lowered by almost 100.

It’ll be fine.


What’s this about jet packs being more reliable?

They’re more reliable now


This guy explains how bad the buff really is.


But is it going to be easier to dodge? I think the numbers won’t truly reflect the experience.

I say we wait 'til the patch, then complain if it’s worse?


Capital Idea!

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Burst > dot.

U can recover if its 100 damage less but theres more of them in 40 seconds. So that’s a nerf


Yeah, Aftershock has always been that annoying as hell burst damage. Like @kyronr600 said, I think it’ll be easier to outheal and defend against at its new state.

Although I wish TRS would stop beating around the bush and just fix the retarded flight speed allowed while using Aftershock when divebombing or firing AR straight after a traversal.

The whole point of Aftershock was that it’d be a good finisher for when you’re pulled to the ground or finishing Hunters that are out of jetpack fuel.
In its current state (and possible upcoming state) it’s the opposite; it’s the ability Hunter have to save their fuel for to dodge (which is still not always that easy) and a Kraken running 3 points into Aftershock only welcomes being pulled to the ground.


tank it

dodge the vortex heavy

Who’s the pro we’re taking this tip from?


That sounds logical. FUCK THAT


Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that. ^.-

Not true. If it takes 5 aftershocks to deal 2640 after the patch, and only 4 to deal 2500 currently, then the damage definitely got reduced. Good try tho.

Wasn’t me explaining and you’re a genius by ignoring everything the thing I quoted said.

Now just in case you ignore what this says again, it means that the damage and range was increased. They lowered the cooldown along with the damage. So in what used to be 4 Aftershocks equaling to 2500 damage, you can now do 5 Aftershocks adding up to 2640 damage.

So what is

About what I said?

No, because in the same time it takes to do 2500 with 4 Aftershocks now, Kraken can now do 2640 with 5 Aftershocks in the same time. Therefore it’s really a buff.

It was a good try on your part.

Also this post is not meant to be a dick, it just comes off that way, I’m not good with words.

Each AS hits for less, so it’s easier to heal through.
As well as this, jetpacks will work better. We’re more likely to dodge the AS, no? That’s why range was increased.

We’ll see. Its sketchy to give AS such a buff but hopefully it won’t be that bad due to the other changes.

Mhmm, best to wait for the change before you argue with the change.
I’m sure they’ll hear plenty of complaints if it doesn’t work out. ^.-

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It’s only a buff if you hit EVERY aftershock. If you hit 5 in a row, that’s on the hunters really.