Kraken Buff


The new lighting strike radius is ridiculous. It was fine before, I used to be a kraken player but now I feel bad when I use him. When you’re in battle and have one jet pack boost, and lighting strike comes, that one boost doesn’t do anything. You need at least two, or a cliff to escape it. -.-


Is this a rant? Or do you just want opinions on it from other people?


I feel its fine, ive been able to dogde almost any lightning strike except for the ones where im backed against something and can’t juke, or the ones in call of duty. Those auto target me i swear


Troll? You cant be that …


It was more of a quality of life thing for Kraken. At high levels of play, Hunters can dodge this left and right. This makes it slightly harder. I personally don’t have any issues dodging it. You just need to get timing down, otherwise, Kraken can follow you with it, making the dodge useless.


I dont personally feel this is accurate at high levels of play. While is not a 100% chance to land, saying it was being dodged left and right is a bit misleading. Now prior to the speed change, id agree 210%, lightning strike was easy to dodge before- And basically only landed if a hunter goofed or was out of jetpack (and in practice was frequently used to drain jetpack). But after the speed change? Not so much. Its by no means easy to dodge a lightning strike from a kraken who knows what theyre doing. You were dancing on a thin margin of error. Now however? Im leery.

These buffs came about not because kraken “needed” them exactly. They came because kraken has a high skill ceiling and the “average joe” using kraken lost a fair bit. These buffs were to bump up his low end.

Im extremely skeptical about these changes. kraken already was, and basically always has been the most powerful monster. Its really only a couple of very specific meta-comps that bring kraken down, and even then, kraken is competitive against those guys as well- wiping them out with so much as one good mistake. Anything less than this- Well. Theres a reason kraken is almost always banned in TGL, and almost always picked in ESL.

Maybe ill be proven wrong, but im curious to see how kraken does in ESL now. I really dont think kraken needed buffed, so much as people needed to gain some experience under their belt.


People seem to say LS is easy to dodge. Have you never fought a good Kraken who knows how to use moves smartly?

I know I won’t use LS unless I Vortex first for a prettymuch guaranteed hit (that’s still a thing) or if I’ve displaced a Hunter through combat and they’re in a bad spot.


Well, he didn’t need a buff. I think you’re right with the whole speed change thing. Been a while since I used him. In the matches I do play against him online, it’s never LS that messes me up, it’s the Vortex/Mines/AS combo. I do watch a little bit of play on youtube and occasional twitch stream when it’s in my email and from what I can see, there are people that simply don’t get hit by LS. Maybe it’s just console that he isn’t good on, but I never seem to be targeted with it and I see people dodge it. I also don’t play high level matches in ranked, so my opinion may be skewed.

I don’t usually see them too often, by some mystical form of luck. They never seem to be great when I do encounter them. Walking around, only flying to escape. Mostly I play pubs as Hunter or Meaty. Sometimes Bob, but he seems much weaker now. Maybe by the same mystical form of luck, I am put up against a good Assault every time I play Monster. I am a shitty Kraken player, though. No excuse there.


There aren’t many competent Krakens, yeah. I’ve come across a fair few in a long time of playing (through MM; I have plenty on my friend’s list) but the Kraken players that are good with fucking crush you. Unless you take the chasecomp.


Hate the chase comp with a fiery passion. I do all I can to prevent it if I’m on a team with people that do it.

I believe a good Kraken would crush me. The thing is, it takes being good to do any kind of well with him. He seems like the hardest Monster to do well with, aside from poor Bob. Might be why I never see them.



Whether some want to admit or even acknowledge it, there is an undeniable performance difference between console(s) and pc. Consoles by their very nature (easier and cheaper buy in, support “couch” play lol, which imo is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing!) generally attract a more “casual” overall player base. Not that pc > console player, at all, even a little bit- Its just what each tends to “naturally” attract. The good teams on the consoles, like the good teams on the pc, are good- and tend to have a intricate understanding of the game and its mechanics. The difference beyond here stems largely from control inputs/interfaces (And anyone is welcome to debate what works best for them to their hearts content, but for the majority of people, comparing kb/m to controller, time and time again the results have been demonstrated). This definitely has an impact on the overall balance and outcome of this game, for both hunters and monsters alike.

You can almost always tell who plays on what platform based on their opinions of balance. Love, hate, understand, reject, or accept it- Theres an undeniable “difference” in balance between console and pc. And its dubious to talk about balance without clarifying what platform youre talking about balance on.


Kraken definitely needed a buff, he almost never gets picked in ranked or quick play and if there’s a Maggie on the team he usually is domed and dead at stage one. At least from my experience. I’ve always thought that Kraken was too slow, I’ve always had the biggest trouble getting away from hunters after combat. Experienced Kraken players I think can do quite well for themselves, but the same could be said for any monster player with any monster.


Excuse me, but who are you calling a troll?


And yet hes nearly the only monster we see in the competitive scene, typically comprising about 80+% of the picks- And is the most frequently banned monster in the competitive TGL series.

Theres a reason for this.

During ESL, outside of the games that involve NjPs hunters, kraken wins give or take, about half of his games. Sometimes more, quite a bit more. NjPs hunters literally throw off the average. During the poland finals and semi finals for example, the top of the top teams, kraken won a perfect 50% of his games when looked at like this.


Angry screeching throughout the forum hallway can be heard


It’s all about that jetpack management.~


So a kraken winning half his games means means he is still crazy strong? If anything that means he is fairly close to balanced.


This, this so, so much. It had to be said.

In my opinion, Kraken was definitely not need of any buffs here on PC, especially not considering he’s pretty much the most (if perhaps only) viable Monster with Wraith a few steps behind at 2nd place.

I understand that this game needs to appeal to casual players as well, but buffing him because a few Bronze Skilled or Determining Rank players didn’t know they should combo their abilities and as such had a hard time downing Hunters with their LS and melees exclusively is not a good idea at all.


Assuming that all hunter comps are equally as powerful as the rest- Sure.


Yes kraken is winning this much- Against the most powerful comps the hunters have at their disposal.

And hes been buffed.

What about comps that arent “Val/Sunny/Griff” or some mildly altered version there-of?

Again- Im merely advocating skepticism and expressing concern. I readily acknowledge the possibility I am dead wrong. Im simply leery in regards to the ramifications of buffing what is quite arguably the strongest monster in the game overall.


Kraken’s biggest weakness is his speed imo. If I meet an average monster player, he can fight just as good (or bad) with Kraken as he can with any other monster. But if the dome drops, he will not get away.
This happened so many times to me already. We had a good stage 2 dome fight – it was pretty balanced. And then he’s not getting away. He can’t eat. He gets domed again. And again. And eventually he just gives up, stays still and lets us kill him.

Buffing his combat skills is the wrong way imo. If Kraken’s W/L ration is low for casuals, but high for competitive players, then TRS should be able to buff only the low end and not the high end.

With this recent buff, high level Krakens are even stronger, but low level ones will still die a slow death, because they can not get away.

Buffing his traversal to cover more distance could probably help. Or something like that.
Good hunter teams can keep up with Goliath or any other fast monster, so such a change wouldn’t affect the competitive scene that much. But for the rest, I think this would help a lot more than buffing his LS.