Kraken buff OP dawg


New buff is… OP. Now I know you kraken players are going to disagree but, who would disagree with their favorite monster practically one shooting people with a lightning strike? For all the hunters who say I’m not doing it right, you just probably just fought a piss poor kraken. Anyways, silver skilled+ kraken are OP. They’re lightning strike is crazy. The hit box is unbelievable. If you have one strike, and kraken has three on lightning, it practically kills you even if you’re not within five meters of the outside. If you have two strikes? It’ll kill you, and even if hank shields you it’ll demolish the whole shield in one blow and all it takes is a banshee and vortex and death to you my friend. I know I agreed to having the kraken buffed. But I didn’t want a flying nuke. Nerf it down a little. Not back to normal but. A little.


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