Kraken AS post-game damage numbers incorrect [8.0]


my apologies if i’m wrong but it seems that the aftershock damage is not registering in the post game numbers when it compares your damage to the average


there’s already been a few issues noticed with the post game numbers so i wouldn’t be suprised


Title edit - Made the title a bit more descriptive of the issue.

I think there are a few issues that have been mentioned like Mastermind said. Can I ask that you also report this using the issue reporter?


yeah I got a total of 0 damage for aftershock after my last game…pretty certain that’s not true


not a problem. have done:)


On the topic of incorrect numbers, I think there is something horribly wrong with Blitzkov’s mines post-game. That or the damage isn’t what was said to be before he was released.


back on release his post-game numbers weren’t coming up for the tesla gun and the tesla mines. thought it got fixed. i’ll check with a team member shortly on that


The gold mines were said to be 950 base, I think I saw that from you actually, but there are some games I can land 4-5 gold only getting 2400 damage somewhere in that range. Im on the second star and occasionally use Damage perk.


yes. golds are 950each and 997.5 with two stars

the issue originally was that the multiplied damage from the tesla gun and tesla mines wouldn’t show up all the way. i think the gun did up to x3, while the mines only showed x2


So it’s a failure in multiplying the damage in stats, or all around?


just the values shown post game. the damage is dealt 100%. its just not being fully recorded


Oh that’s just goody gumdrops then, they’ll get around to it whenever, such little nuances don’t need prioritized. Thanks for the info btw!


no problem.

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