Kraken Apreciation Thread


Show your support for the best cthulhu in Evolve.


I like the way he tastes when he gets fried :heart_eyes:


Pls no, I loved his concept and his lightning strike, but he is just broken right now. All support for Kraken right now is conditional e.g. Kraken is an awesome monster design but his mechanics are so unbalanced. I think he’s generally reviled now almost as Wraith used to be.


Love it when you lay the smackdown on a Kraken, esp. if you’ve cooked him with Hyde’s flamethrower :smiley:


I love how he’s Hunter-salt-factory-of-the-month. Makes me laugh, even with the incoming nerf hammer.


He’s not getting nerfed, hes just getting his bugs fixed


Yes but his bugs are far from everything people complain about, and while some of it is legitimate criticism, an awful lot of it is just crying, and it gets on my nerves a bit.


It will be called a nerf anyway when he can’t do his broken cheese spam combos, negate CC entirely, and fly around like a mosquito with teleportation powers.


I feel his bugs are just amplifying his skill set. I honestly think everything will calm down when hunters can CC him.
If they nerf him now, then when he can be CC’d again he’ll be UP

Its just his exploits and bugs that make his other skills seem OP


Hm, all ive seen is people irked about him ignoring all CC, which is legit, cuz its a problem :stuck_out_tongue:
Once those get fixed he’ll even out, then no one will complain (well people still will, it’ll always happen, but such is life)


He already has a few things are a little overboard when they’re working normally, like this flying melee attack that does damage, knockback/stops revives from long distances, two abilities with negligible cooldown, flying basically forever negating most sources of damage - the buggy/glitchy issues with him just make it Wraith levels of frustration when you’re playing against an experienced Kraken.


I’ve seen:
Aftershock is too hard to dodge, Lightning Strike is too hard to dodge, Banshee Mines are too hard to dodge, Voretex is too hard to dodge, he can’t be grounded anymore (which is correct and should be fixed), slows don’t slow his flying speed (they never should have), his aerial melee stops revives (a legit overpowered mechanic), hes too fast (lol ok), his abilities do too much damage, his abilities can be chained together (and that’s unfair somehow), and my personal favorite,“Kraken can fly and that’s OP.”
It’s a bit ridiculous.

Timing of lighning strike dodges?

Kraken is boring for me, not much to appreciate.


This one I can actually side with, even if you 100% clear the vortex, it still hits you >_>
Whatcha doin Kraken.
I think its just a weird hitbox, but it irks me to no end


Yay Kraken!


It is slow moving skill. Don’t have a problem dodging it unless you get into his face.


They should add a knockback falloff for the edges.


Not saying its hard to dodge, im saying that the it will hit you after you dodge for some unknown reason
========= vortexs “shown” hitbox
+++=========+++ Vortexs “actual” hitbox
Its probably just latency or something, but whatever it is, its not normal


I love Kraken. He was honestly the monster that got me hooked when I started playing in the beta. I just think he is really cool and his kit was well thought out. :kraken_stare: :heart_eyes: :kraken_stare:


Seems legit…