Kraken and Repulsor

I’ve had people tell me how to push Kraken downward with jack but honestly I feel it doesn’t work well at all or I am not doing it right. I know you want to be on equal or higher ground that Kraken and bend the beam upward. I tried this on an AI monster for testing and it just looked like it stopped him from going up, not pushing him back down. Does anyone have a short clip of how to push Kraken downward? Or tell me if it’s even possible to do that anymore? Cause he is my worst trapper when I fight Kraken.

Yes, it is horrible, read some of the other jack threads before creating a new one, in every jack thread people are whining about the repulsor being horrible against kraken.

The problem with existing threads is some of the information may be outdated due to patches. Also after a certain length the topic is just to damn long lol

Personally, I don’t think any of the trappers CC is particularly effective against a Kraken (Crow may be an exception). You might get 1 or 2 moments in a fight to briefy ground him but if that’s your focus, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and fuel trying to position yourself whilst ignoring the opportunity to negate the damage your team receives. Instead, focus mainly on the banshee mines. If you can keep those in check, the Kraken will have a really hard time downing anyone.


But not Abe??

It definitely used to be doable and reliable, TRS seem to have changed this for Stage 2.

Sure, His stasis grenades have been hit with a couple of nerfs lately, but they’re still important. They’re quick to throw out and last a while though so definitely be throwing them out reguarly… You’ll have the time to do so because I find Abe’s shotgun is terrible for dealing with banshee mines.

Yeah, the repulsor does not push, it only stops monsters from moving in whatever direction you’re aiming it.

Plus, most monsters are ground based, so you only have to keep two movement axes into account, but Kraken can move in 3D, and trying to guess the direction he’s going to go is exponentially harder than with other monsters.

Jack does need a few QoL changes to make dealing with Kraken a bit easier.

You can stop the Kraken from Aftershock-bombing you with the Repulsor, Krakens that don’t take Aftershock barely have any burst damage. As trapper you’ll want to focus on shooting the Banshee Mines rather than doing cc anyways. Other than that both stasis and harpoons work pretty well on Kraken, it’s harder to land the stasis grenades with Abe though than it is with Crow since he shoots it.

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The AI is weird. You can hold them back with harpoons and it wont affect them and the repulsor is useless against an AI Kraken. Against a Player its great.

Kraken is a broken concept that shouldn’t left drawing board. Period.


Maggie is useless, Waggie is useless on her own, both Griffins are great on paper, Abe is somewhat usable, Crow is great, Jack is trash.

Repulsor only ever prevents monsters from moving.

It does not in and of itself cause them to move.

Jack’s repulsor should be able to easily push Kraken to the ground. If not, his CC is basically useless against Kraken.

He may be not bad, but he is far from broken. :slight_smile:

use reading comprehension… he never said he is broken, he said it’s a stupid concept which goes against all the other monsters and gameplay in general. As he pointed out: most trappers CC is shit against kraken and turns them into a “just shoot the damn banshees” character if you want good teamplay. It’s a shitty experiance when playing some trappers that are usually ok.

Seeing as he is difficult to pin down, I have found that the best form of CC against Kraken are haproons and tranquilizer. Slow him down and bring him closer to the ground.

In order for the repulsor to down a Kraken, Jack must be at a very weird angle AND on higher altitude. It’s just not worth the jetpack or the risk to get KOed once it’s empty.

I’ve unfortunately seen Terepin post a lot of negative feedback against Kraken, a lot of people hold a personal vendetta against it due to the way it plays. Frankly the hate is not needed in his current state as a good team can take Kraken down fairly easily, at least from my point of view. So broken concept or not, I’d say it’s sitting pretty currently.

Back to the main point though, I am no Kraken main, but from my experience of priming both Kraken’s, I can say this much about how they work in terms of how trappers can try and ground them. It’s obvious that they won’t be grounded for long, but it’ll lose the range advantage that the regular Kraken has. Jack’s repulsor will only stop a monster from moving in a specific direction, which means you can stop Kraken from landing too and can be fairly useful against E. Kraken. Regular Kraken however, does not need to land, and the only way of stopping it from getting any higher, would be managing to fly above Kraken and use it that way.

Ways you can ground the Kraken’s are by Griffin’s harpoons to drag the Kraken down a fair amount and being able to follow up from there (E. Griffin is less effective due to the range), Maggie’s harpoons are much more effective against E. Kraken due to ground control which would be limiting it’s higher mobility in the dome. As for regular Kraken, you can actually cause it’s altitude to start sinking rather fast with Crow and Abe’s movement impairing abilities. As much as this will not cause the traversal game of the Kraken to decrease, it’ll cause them to struggle, trying keep in the air. However from my experience, this may not work on E. Kraken, hence why the harpoons are better choices.

I’ve had a lot of people say regular Kraken is OP, but I feel against that currently, as there are still ways to give the Kraken a lot of trouble. And although it may still be a difficult battle, I feel like a lot of my battles against higher level people either scrape the win by 1 segment of health, or put up a good fight but be defeated anyway. Like I said, I’m not a Kraken main, but very often do I see people with an organised team be able to pulverise regular Kraken with the right setup. And Crow’s slow ability, from my eyes, is one of the most useful tools.

I don’t think Kraken’s broken. I would say he’s not even in a great place right now, he struggles hard against Slim and teams that shoot his mines.

He doesn’t mean broken as in OP, it’s just that his entire concept goes against gameplay principles and, while cool on paper, is not so fun to play against.

I feel Terepin is a bit biased though, since Kraken renders his main useless :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. He does diminish most hunter’s effectiveness due to his range, but after the ceiling adjustments he feels a lot more fair to fight against and to play as.

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Not to mention, both Kraken’s feel much more fun to fly with. The ceiling method before felt very clunky, and definitely needed the change at the time.