Kraken and illumination


After playing the alpha, I couldn’t get over how much Goliath glowed as he staged up. I really, really enjoyed this, even as a monster main. Counter play is always welcome, especially when it makes me have to think about how I play. One issue I do have though, after watching gameplay videos from E3, etc… is how little Kraken passively glows. This leaves me concerned that I will have too easy of a time avoiding my hunters. I imagine this is something that you guys, Turtle Rock, have taken into consideration during the design phase, and I’m here, as a monster main, to let you know: Don’t take it easy on me. Give me something, such that my enemies can see me, in all my glory, as I taunt them from the cliffs, rivers, and their home. Let them know who they face. Let all the earth fear the Kraken: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.


The glow comes from your armor. It starts to become visible at 50%, and gets pretty bright at 100% armor. All monsters do this. Makes it easier to hide when they’re hurt, and harder for them to hide when they’re strong.


Was it not implemented for E3? Because Kraken doesn’t seem to glow as much as Goliath (and I kind of wish Goliath’s was more like his stage 2 glow).


None of the stages are different.


Now that I know exactly what points in the video to look for, I guess I do see some glowing going on. Just some personal feedback, but I don’t feel that the illumination is really as bright as I would expect a creature in control of lightning to be. Then again, I’ve never been one for hiding in bushes, in case you couldn’t tell by my zealotry there :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, I’m not so sure how I feel about illumination on armor gain. The awesome decision making is there, having to choose between stealth and combat survivability, but, when armor and evolution go hand in hand, there’s no decision to be made. On the flip side, since the sky on the E3 tournament map was so dark, when the Kraken had no armor it was quite difficult for the hunters to see him as he was floating through the air. That gives the hunters a lose-lose situation, where they lose vision of the monster the more damage they deal to it.

I, personally, would much rather see a stage-based illumination. Give me the stealth I want to be able to avoid the hunters at stage one, then give me the awe inspiring visage with the power I gain.


I went back to the videos and, yeah, it’s there, but it’s not too bright, even at full armor. You get a couple views from the hunters’ perspective, and even when full glowing, it’s still barely noticeable from the moonlight ground. Made a response to MacMan about how I feel about it.


That’s pretty nice, it’s harder to hide when strong, but then wouldn’t that make it harder for you to ambush as the monster? 100% armor, waiting in the brush, jump out and destroy the hunters.

OFF TOPIC PART OF MY POST: I swear to god when I saw the title of this I read: “Kraken and Illuminati”


Ideally, the illumination for stage 2 would be the same as 100% armor in the videos. If you want to go full armor and ambush them at stage 1, you’ve got some balls, and deserve a little advantage in that case :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Kraken might have it a little worse. Goliath only glows around his throat/shoulders, so you have to see that part of him to really spot it. Kraken glows on his face, wings, and sides, so if even one of those parts is visible, he’s got a problem.


The problem I see is the colors of the illumination. Kraken glows white-ish blue, which can easily be mistaken for moonlight or metal surfaces. Goliath glows a healthy red, which is not exhibited at all on the maps I’ve seen. Therefor, Goliath is easier to pick out, even though he does glow less.