Kraken and Harpoons

First time I saw Kraken I knew that thats gonna be my favorite monster.
And I as a main Kraken player make this suggestion.
(I am NOT saying he is OP or UP)
My mindset with Kraken and Harpuns was that whenever he gets harpuned (lets take maggies harpun traps for example) that he needs to land and meele attack the harpun in order to break it.
Even when the game wasnt released yet I was thinking about how to fight a flying monster.
You wanna know what my first idea was?
In order to fight a flying monster you need to force him on the ground.
Ofc that would be a nerf to the Kraken but it should be like that in my opinion from the beginning.
So I want you guys to think about it and post feedback.
I think it does make sense that it should be like that.

Erm… No… That would just break kraken. Mines + harpoon traps = GG. It would mean wasting traversals to get back into the air again, so after 3 harpoons you’re kinda stuck for a while… and in the mean time you get massive damage and more harpoons.


I agree with @xTr1ckOrTr3atx xtrick, would kill kraken completely and having to drop in and out of combat like that to destroy harpoons would really add up over time and just straight wreck kraken

Please tell that to some of the premades I face. They should know that they can’t damage me until I touch the ground because the sky is a different dimension >_< Watch the ESL games and you’ll see that hunters don’t have too much problem damaging kraken in the air. Co-ordination and good judgement. Do the basics and you’ll have half killed kraken.

This would be too rough on the monster. Especially at the speed that Maggie can plant 'em.

Griffin’s harpoon is now actually distracting, and Maggie is also in a good place vs Kraken imo. (also a Kraken main btw)

Also btw, they’re “harpoons”, and when you get hit by them you get “harpooned” :slight_smile:

maaaan -.-
I know…
I played with esl teams
and I never had a prob with that.
Im just saying it would be something makeing sense
and I mean a flying monster like any flying monster not specificly the kraken <-- doesnt mean in evolve just Witcher 3 for example

What you say is in contrast to the original post…

^If this is the case this topic’s category needs to change to “Off-topic”. Suggestions are for Evolve-related suggestions. You can’t blame us for our comments if it’s not clear that you aren’t talking about suggesting this for Evolve.

Im gonna try this again to make it a bit more clearer what i mean. before evolve got released and before you or me had the chance to play kraken i already had the mindset that it gonna and should be like that.
Time has passed now and i was just wondering if nobody had this idea yet.
The sentence with the flying monster was just an example like before behemoth got released i thought “how you fight a monster that cant jump and has struggle to climb walls” this should just be an overall question and then transferd to evolve

also the harpoons should insta-drop Krakens, that’ll teach those pesky monster’s to fly when Daisy is on the team. :smiling_imp:

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