Kraken and Goliath so much more fun then wraith


So I really liked wraith in beta but today I realized that Goliath and kraken actually requires skill to play so way more fun then spamming nova and decoy who’s with me?!


Fun is subjective. I’ll take my abduction ability over every other skill in the game.


Wraith is pretty skill-less to pull off her best moves, at least in comparison to Goliath and Kraken. Her highest skillcap ability is one that most Wraiths don’t even bother with because it’s subpar, abduction.

This makes her incredibly boring to play as and against. Which is too bad, I love the idea of Wraith and visually she is very cool looking. But focusing her strength into decoy spam and left-click supernova spam was the wrong move.


It’s also to easy to get away and too hard to hit


I never play monster, but I definitely enjoy hunting those two more than I do the Wraith.


I think we all do wraith just runs away to stage 3 most of the time


Maybe when wraith s
Is nerfed it will actually be fun to play againg (highly doubt it)


Agreed takes no skill to avoid hunters when you can clear 100 meters in 2 secs. Wraith should have been the first monster they gave new people.


Lol yeah even with nerfed
I think it will be boring to hunt and paly


Wraith has only 2 targetable abilities, the other 2 are press-and-forget.

Unfortunate, Maybe a possible way to fix wraith=no fun would be to make her more targetable abilities? Goliath and Kraken both require aiming for all their skills, so I can see why wraith is deemed ‘easy-mode’

I play goliath as my main, but I occaisonally go for a stage 1 rescue mode burst down as the wraith, try and nuke as many survivors until I get domed and spit-roasted by hyde. I only pull out the Kraken if I feel frisky or am playing Defend =P


Just played a 4 day evacuation with wraith the hunt portions were boring basically summed up to 1 bar down for him by the time it got to 3 then we destroyed it at the relay. In nest mode it took 3 in supernova and failed and in rescue support and trapper and medic kept in the dome while I rescued survivors.


I much prefer flying and floating with Wraith’s Abduction/Warp Blast combo. I don’t even bother using decoy or supernova at stage 3 because it’s way more fun floating up in the air in slow motion.


Look at all the people who got #rekt by the wraith. Lmfao


It’s not that hard to reck as wraith


Wraith can be pretty fun if you take smell range and level up abduction warp blast and supernova. Decoy feels really cheesey though.


No, it is just easy to run away, and get to stage 3 where any good monster can win. Wraith is so squishy, she is just too good at escaping.


It’s needed. Otherwise Wraith would just die. The player “nerfs” are actually “Nukes” They don’t realize it. They just want an easy game where they can fight a human wraith with themselves and bots. Honestly… Bots do better fighting the wraith than most of these players. It’s hilarious.


Yeah I guess so but imagine if I could actually hit the wraith before then😱


I can attest to this, I win most PvP games as wraith, but have trouble with the bots.


I wasn’t sayin it needs to be nerfed again, I’m just sayin it feels lame using it.