Kraken and Behemoth help


I play evolve quite often and pretty much as hunter (yay, finally got to silver master!) but I’ve been finding it hard now to win against these two monster and didn’t realize until now. Back then I hardly ever lost to them (like a 9 to 10 win ratio) but now the ratio is just flipped. I didn’t know at first that there were big changes to these two.

I just wanted to know how I can adjust at handling these two and what tips you can give. Any advice from comp. to positioning. It’s getting frustruating.


vs kraken: check first dome to see if he can combo his abilities. if yes, go afk, have a coffee or do something else. a well played kraken is OP as fuck (but not many can play that well, so telemetry is telling different and it’s going to get buffed even more).
if the kraken can’t combo, keep him grounded with CC and save jetpack to dodge the big stuff like lightning strike and vortex. shoot the mines if you can and don’t even bother dodging aftershock, radius is way too big. just hope you’re team is spread out and only one is getting hit.


I see, seems like only the assault should be the only one attacking because the mines need to be prevented. Perhaps trapper can shoot them down for everyone. The big lightning strike is what needs to be dodged. Thanks!


This is what my group does yes.

So for behemoth I recommend having the higher ground, if your on his level, you’re on his turf and he can punish you pretty bad for it depending on the player. Make him have to climb up to get you then jump off the surface you were on. This is mainly for avoiding him. Fighting him is straight forward, its optimal that he’s locked down with CC at all times. The slower/less he moves the better. Try your very best to avoid tongue grabs, that sets you up for combos, so be careful.

As for Kraken, avoid LS . LS hurts pretty bad and leaves you open for other attacks. If the Kraken is using AS tank it but dodge the LS. Destroy banshee mines, they do really good damage and pretty fast now. Do as much damage as you can, and aim for the head, his head is huge so you should take advantage of it .


By the way I see you’re new, welcome to the forums

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Good advice and thanks for the welcome.


For all monsters, getting those early domes and doing lots of damage are important. You need a Trapper that knows what they’re doing and can predict the monsters movements. Your team needs to help by fanning out a bit and letting Trapper know which way the monster is moving. The Trapper needs to throw good domes that will favour you, and (where possible and appropriate) make the domes small.

You need to get good damage done in the early stages, otherwise it’s going to be a very hard fight. Against a Kraken, you can usually take anywhere from 1 bar to half hp in the initial domes. This will put the monster player on the back foot, and may force them to try to not engage at S2. Getting the follow up dome is massive. If you can chip some armour away before doming, that’s amazing. If not, the trapper needs to try to cut out any loops to prevent mitigation.

I can upload some videos of games vs Krakens and Behemoths if that would help? I think it’s mostly about dodging the abilities, good team work, communicating tons and getting that good start. Damage comps are quite effective vs Kraken, but they require you to catch them early. If you don’t, you’re pretty much done for.

Trapper and Support should also damage where possible. Support should be swapping between offense and defence, whilst Trapper switches between CC and damage. WLM is quite effective vs Kraken. The DoTs are nice on the chase.