Kraken ambushing drop ship


in the past I’ve never really cared if a monster ambushed hunters at the drop ship at the beginning of the match. That is, until tonight. I didn’t know this was even possible, but it caused a very rare moment of gamer rage in me. 3 matches in a row, I watched a Kraken standby at the beginning drop zone and hit all four hunters with a lightning strike before they ever hit the ground, or had control of their characters or their jetpacks during the drop. as everybody goes flying the Kraken immediately rushes the medic (me) and killed it right away before anybody else can respond to help. the hunters either all die off right away, or they run, giving the Kraken two solid minutes of alone time to level up. my random teammates always stayed and died though.

there is of course nothing I can do about my teammates making poor decisions after losing a medic right away to this cheap tactic. but can we please do something about the kraken being able to get a free lightning strike on all four hunters at the start of the match?


They’ve tried this on me like a hundred times… Pretty much a free win against a stage 1 Kraken. O.o


You can jetpack before you land.



Ten char



I tried jetpacking all three games before I landed. It doesn’t work. He timed it so that it hits before you have a chance to jetpack out of the way.


If you’re playing against a scrub maybe. This guy was good. And like I said, I was playing with a group or randoms. My main point of this post was there seems to be a small window that allows someone to get a free lightning strike on ALL FOUR hunters at once during the initial drop. The strike hits before I have control of my character. That doesn’t seem right to me.


That’s happened to me one time too, also with a group of randoms. He left us mines as we landed, which I was able to easily avoid, but my dumb teammates did not and they were then destroyed by a lightning strike as well.

It takes a long time before you can control your hunter on the drop, more than enough time for any decent Kraken player to get a LS off. And the mines aren’t avoidable if they place them right.

I think a brief period of invulnerability on the initial drop would be good. Just a couple seconds.



The only doubt is:
being the LS abile to hit a player above the ground, could a skilled K perfectly time its LS to hit 'em - before - they can JP away, as the OP says?

I always leave mines at the landing spot, it’s my welcome.


Agreed.a second or two of invulnerability toward the end of your drop to cover that brief period where you have no control over your character but can still be hit by a monster would be great. this isn’t a matter of me being frustrated because I’m getting attacked at the dropship. I do that to hunters sometimes too. it’s a matter of a slight flaw in the game mechanics that allow for a very unfair start in favor of the monster.


that is exactly what’s happening though. I probably just couldn’t word it properly in my original post. The lightning strike is hitting the hunters before they hit the ground, during that very small timeframe where your gun is coming up and you do not yet have control of your hunter to dodge the lightning strike.


If that can really happen before you have any control, then I guess it was probably an oversight. Invulnerability until you have control of your character should help.


agreed. I don’t believe it was intentional at’s something that I think was probably pretty easy to miss. I mean, I’m level 40 and play this game extensively, & I never encountered it till last night. And I’m willing to bet most people haven’t come across this either. but after having it happen 3 games in a row, I felt that might be worthy of the Devs taking a look at.

the kid that was doing this last night was a punk too. he was bragging about the exploit in the game lobby…I may have raged a little. not proud of that.


And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Hunters heal the whole time.


I’m going to test it against the computer. It shouldn’t be something to be exploited, you’re right.


Also agreed. I don’t have a problem with the ambush, or leaving mines, because I do those too. what I have a problem with is a flaw with the game mechanic that is being exploited.


Well, yeah. Because any player who does this right away is exposing himself a lot. And yeah, if they can pull it off fairly, I’ll take my hat off for them. But I bet that those who do it only because they can exploit the LS attack don’t have the stones to tough it up at Stage 1 with no armor :wink: It’s called being a coward.


Funny is tongue graping or abducting. That you can not dodge at all… Lol


I don’t ambush like this, but I do leave banshee mines at or near the dropoff point.


Its fun popping a lightning strike from max distance on the drop-off point before skidding away to eating.

Works better then Banshee mines on some situations.