Kraken Air Time


Just had quite a few match ups against kraken back to back and they were a bit frustrating to say the least. Especially the guy who would armor up, ambush the medic and pick off the rest at stage 1.

I’m usually the last one to say OP, but it seems a bit out off with the distance and damage that a kraken can take advantage of. Reminds me of the wraith in terms of damage except the wraith has to get close enough.

It appears the kraken can stay airborne for what appears to be indefinitely, and only has to close the distance if they get a good bomb in and want to do aftershock as a finisher. Although 2 bombs seemed to KO, I’m sure there was regular hits in between that nicked damage. Hard to watch health bar while running from the monster which was chasing by air. Is this working as intended?

Before the “trapper is supposed to lock down the kraken” comments come in. The trapper has to get close enough to trap the kraken. Otherwise they can just stay out of range of them, which is the point of this post, its semi-perma distance + damage potential with the lightning strikes. Ironically, none of the krakens used banshee mines. It was just lightning strike, aftershock and vortex wave. Although traps appeared useless since a 3 spread trap setup from maggie was single swiped away making it ineffective.

Now I’ve never posted on this before, and I probably just ran into some people who were on their game, but after seeing what top notch monsters can do, I repeat - is this working as intended?

Elite rank hunters almost insta killed with traps being ineffective.

Unless the players were hackers or had the random ability insta-cool down bug, this seems a bit out of scale.


I do believe they confirmed that they rate at which the trapper brings down the Kraken isn’t currently working currently not a 100% sure but I heard about it. Other than that if you have a trapper who never does stasis or harpoons the Kraken WILL stay in the air indefinitely unless they decide to come down. It’s part of the in-combat system Kraken has.


There is a plethora of bugs regarding Kraken’s movement at the moment, and the devs are focusing on fixing him. So I say don’t worry for now, it should be fixed in the next patch or so.


Good to know - It did seem odd traps were limited on effectiveness.

Statis nades from Abe have a limited field so unless you hit the monster mid flight, it’s not too useful if domed in an area that isn’t covered in hills - all about location location so that’s okay. Advantage of a monster letting themselves getting domed in advantageous spot.

Harpoons are best bet, but leaves a team dry if they don’t have griffin.

maggie’s traps require distance and line of sight triggering, which I mentioned was spread out (meaning from different directions at once) and still 1 swiped almost instantly making it useless :frowning: I guess that’s what disturbed me most about the trapping. I guess we were just unfortunate to have the same trapper type every round be a Maggie - probably for daisy.

Excellent to know :slight_smile: Late to the party on this I guess, but good to know its being looked at. I don’t envy their position. Tweaking numbers with physics triggers is no easy feat I’m sure. Best of luck to them.

Thank you both for the responses :smile:


Kraken used to get pulled down by all harpoons…and this is the way it should be, but he got broken during the last patch which sought to fix his movement a bit, so now nothing brings him down. Harpoons and stasis and tranqs are all useless against pulling him down right now. Without getting him to ground he is incredibly hard to hit in the air when he’s zig-zagging about, which now he can also do while casting his attacks. Even with Sunny boosting assault he is very hard to reach in the sky.

To top that off the speed of the lightning strike and his overall ability attacks are faster, making lightning strike incredibly difficult to dodge even when done correctly with one or two jetpack bursts. These issues will be fixed in the upcoming patch. The reason we are seeing so many krakens right now is because he is broken and it’s practically a guaranteed win playing him, much like how wraith was spammed before she got patched. Take heart, we will see Kraken fixed soon.


Praise the devs