Kraken Aftershock Refactor posted on Trello!


Just checked the trello board, and they recently added a ‘Kraken Aftershock Refactor’ to the ‘to-do’ list.

This is exciting! I have no idea what is actually intended by ‘refactor’, but I can only imagine that it could be anything from a complete overhaul to slight adjustments to the numbers (eg. radius, cooldown, charge-up time).

What do you guys think? Complete ability overhaul, or re-balancing of the numbers? I know that there has been a lot of discussion on other threads about Kraken’s Aftershock, mostly about whether or not people think it should be nerfed or is underpowered or whatnot, but I’m aiming to only stir up discussion about the recent Trello post, as well as get some speculation on what changes we might see… devs, any peaks at what we can expect to change would be awesome!

(for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the Trello board is like a to-do list for TRS that is posted publicly at this link: )


A refactor suggests something more than just changing numbers. Changing numbers is just balance tweaks. Refactor suggests that they are actually changing how it works.



Yup, I’ve seen it too after I posted a thread on Aftershock rework. Can’t await it.


I doubt it’s just a number change, otherwise there would likely be 10 or 20 more abilities on the Trello.


Supernova’s also getting a refactor as well. Thank god.


The new one will turn wraith’s scythes into nerfbats while she is in the field.


I thought we had that already with Grounder perks…