Kraken Aftershock Bug (with video)


Some people appear to be skeptical that Kraken’s Aftershock movement is bugged, allowing him to easily land aftershock on boosting hunters.

I’ve uploaded a video clearly showing the speed difference between a grounded Kraken using AS and an airborne Kraken using AS

Please halp @macman, you’re our only hope
Well, or @MrStrategio. Or anyone, really.

Kraken flight mechanics on 1.3 and 2.0

Thank you. I’ve not seen it done this way, but certainly that’s quite a bit of movement.

Shouldn’t the shockwave disable movement? I thought it did.


It seems that when you cast Aftershock or Lightning Strike a movement penalty is supposed to be applied to Kraken, and that the recent changes that prevent tranqs or stasis from applying speed penalties to a flying Kraken do the same for the AS/Lightning penalties.


We’ll look into it.


Lightning strike is the same