Kraken Advice vs Premades


Hey people, I’m having a lot of trouble with premades and I’m hoping you can help. I’m posting this outside of the main Kraken advice thread because I’m asking about a few specific premades that are giving me trouble as Kraken.

Basically I feel like I’m reaching my skill limit. In many cases it seems like it is impossible to land abilties because some of these teams know exactly when to use their jetpack and never clump together.

My typical build for Hunt 2.0 is:

  • Stage 1 - 1LS, 1AS, 1BM
  • Stage 2 - 1LS, 2AS, 2BM, 1VT ( Versus a decent Markov/Bucket I will go more into vortex and abandon banshees)
  • Stage 3 - 2LS, 3AS, 3BM, 1VT

To get the basics out of the way:

  • I understand who I should focus, generally Medic or Support unless someone falls out of line of sight of the other hunters. Assault I almost always focus last unless his shield is gone and he is low health.
  • I know to capitalize on jetpack exhaustion with combos and abiltiies
  • I know I can banshee > heavy > pounce for a lot of damage
  • I’m pretty good at avoiding mines and clearing deployables (with the exception of bucket, his turrets have too much health and require an ability to clear)
  • I know good feeding routes on most maps, I’m evolve ready before the first dome unless I get really unlucky.
  • I can Stage 2 with some armor before the first dome on some maps but I usually try to go for a strike in the first dome at Stage 1 with full armor.
  • I don’t bother with stealth much
  • I’m pretty good at tracking cloaked opponents, but against premades it’s still difficult. Slim’s spore is another story, it’s better than cloak IMO.

The big premades I have issue with are:
Caira / Hank / Maggie / Markov

  • I can’t chase Caira around because of the harpoons and I can’t head her off because Markov clears my banshee mines. When I do get the opportunity to do damage then the ole’ Hank/Caira crap comes into play. I can’t focus Trapper or Assault because of Hank/Caira.

Caira / Sunny / Abe / Markov

  • Even worse than Caira/Hank is Caira/Sunny/Abe. Speed boost, plus jetpack boost and Abe’s slow means I rarely get to do damage. Caira can become untouchable. Again, Markov is clearing banshees so I can’t use them effectively.

Laz / Bucket / Jack / Markov

  • It takes a really good Laz to pull this off, but when they do it feels impossible to beat. Laz meta is to just hang outside the dome now so there is no touching him. Even if he comes in, he is very difficult to focus when coordinating cloaks with support. Jack + cloak makes it even more difficult. If I down assault or trapper I am punished heavily for body camping (turrets). If I get bucket down I have to clear out some turrets before camping the body (which gives Laz plenty of rez opportunity) otherwise I get punished hard. Even if I get Laz after a rez it’s almost never worth it because I almost always have to over-commit to get that strike on Laz (I’ve already committed hard to get the first hunter down).

Slim / Sunny / Maggie / Lennox

  • Great chase team. Good slim players make him ridiculous. I can overcome spore to some extent, but with good players spore buys them just enough time to get in another heal burst. Some slim players are so good they can fire off heal bursts in fairly rapid succession. As long as they dodge the occasional ability they are fine (and Sunny makes that easy). Maggie’s traps pull me down very quick and Lennox can punish body camping hard and her anti-feed on the chase is nasty (thanks to sunny).

Never chase Caira. That’s what we want you to do. :smiley: If you’ve wounded Caira and she’s fleeing, immediately switch to another target. Preferably Support but Trapper can work. This forces Caira to stop self healing and start helping her team mates. Usually when this happens you can down Hank. If he cloaks, go back to Caira. She won’t be on full HP, most likely, but close to it. Hank will break cloak to shield.

During all this time, count the time where Markov’s LGing and ONLY use mines when it’s recharging or Markov is on the AR or out of LOS or laying mines.

As for traps…You kinda just have to fight through it. No real counter to that tbh.


cabot/crow/laz/markov is the most devastating when the premade knows how to search properly. by the time you get to down someone your health is too low to commit and you have to incap crow just to stand a chance in order to run away. i’ve played against this so many times and it’s usually dependent on whether you get to stage 2 before the hunters even drop in. you can sneak but in some maps you just can’t sneak enough to get a gain out of it. the worst part of this is cabot denying your feeding while on the run with crows bird to help. you practically have to evolve even though they’re right on top of you because kraken is just too damn slow.


That actually doesn’t work against markov. Even if his LG is out it only takes 1 to start recharging. And since mines are so easily popped by LG he can just switch to that instantly zap the mines and return to the Ar and carry on as if nothing happened.

Kraken can’t beat markov. Markov is anti kraken.


It’s spelled “Karken”.


The best defense team agaisnt kraken is Val/Laz/Slim, Sunny, Griffin/maggie/jack, Markov.

This team combos snuff out banshee mines easily, stops annoying AS’s and easily tankable VT’s. That just leaves LS which any of these hunters can dodge with ease.

For the best Offensive combo you can have laz, bucket/cabot, griffin/maggie/jack, markov.

Cloak chains, sentries and amps will melt through a kraken combined with LG and his accurate AR. Mines will be that nice little extra insurance in case kraken wants to land. The trappers should rarely be shooting unless it’s jack, since with jack you only need to use the RF when kraken is using AS in any form.


Yeah just lost again, Laz / Bucket / Maggie / Markov. Due to chain cloaks I couldn’t kill Laz. Banshee’s are useless, buckets turrets have way too much health. Laz was playing it super safe so if I chased him I’d just get punished. I managed to get bucket down more than once but I can’t afford to body camp by the time I do. Feels like a no-win situation. Something changed in Hunt 2.0 and maggie’s harpoons are just stupid ridiculous now. You can’t even try to destroy them because if you are within smell range they go off.

Add to that this bucket seemed to hit with every rocket no matter how I was flying. Amazing aim. It just sucks, feels like I’m fighting four monsters.

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Why is it spelled like that? I is confuzzled.


Harpoons can cripple a kraken. I mean you don’t even need to make him land. Just have stay stuck for a few seconds while markov and bucket tear him a new one.

Who needs shields when invis does a job just as well. Add to the fact kraken doesn’t have any DoT effects to help him spot anyone.

You can throw val with bucket if your aim is good and can dodge well. Sentries hitting 2x dmg is super awesome.


Oh its a joke. They spelled it wrong a long time ago during the hyde vs. Kraken challenge and they spelled it karken accidentally. Its a running joke basically.

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Nooo… don’t tell kraken players what to do against Caira D:


Don’t use AS lvl1 against premade

you can use 2 AS at Stage 2

If you are fighting Markov … Don’t use Banshee Mines at all because he can destroys it and you become very vulnerable with the other reliable ability

Try to consume Laz and Bucket Cloak … Focus on getting maggie down on health to get a way from slowing you by spamming the harpoons

Try fighting them from a fair distance and not be so close with Markov (Mines-LG-Sentury gun range) to recieve the least damage

Try finding the weak link or figure out the best tactics to separate them specially medic and support

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They’ll figure it out sooner or later. This way they’ll do it sooner and we can figure out how to counter it sooner. I think. ._.


Any good monster should focus more on support than Caira and try to get strikes on them

Consume Hank’ cloak and while your damaging him . prob will use Orbital Barrage so get out when your gut feeling tell you to do

after that Hank becomes Vulnerable meal


oh that, i forgot about it entirely :sweat_smile: thanks!


Caira / Hank / Maggie / Markov

The usual thing here. Go for Hank. If Hank cloaks, go for Caira, and Hank will shield giving himself away. Then go in on him again. If Hank is getting heals or running away, switch to Caira and force him to turn back around and regain LoS. Pretty much keep this up and one will fall, or they will bunch up so that Caira can heal them both, which is when you can do multi-damage. Try not to move a round a lot in the same area, as Maggie will start putting traps under you to impair your movement/autoattacks.

Once you down Hank I think the better choice is to let Caira pick him up again (As trying to outdamage her heals is a bit too time consuming), and then down him again for a second strike (That’s assuming you’re in a good place health/armour-wise.

Caira / Sunny / Abe / Markov

Not sure if there’s really anything I can say about this comp. I’m not too sure how I actually overcome it. Usually I just spread my damage causing the shield to be les effective, Sunny’s booster to be burnt out, and giving Caira lots of targets to heal, and then take out whoever I can.

Laz / Bucket / Jack / Markov

Focus down bucket first, his damage potential is nasty, take out any nearby sentries whilst Laz is away. attack at one sentry with a vortex, and go straight back to the body with snowballs (That’s the most effective way without wasting time aiming properly with snowballs), otherwise shoot a bashee at the sentry, but that’s assuming Markov isn’t close. If Bucket gets up, go straight into hard focusing Laz with melees. Drop down and melee spam so that you don’t lose him, throw a vortex and AS at him, and pounce just to drag him back close. Look out for the heal rings and AS that area. If he jetpacks, vortex him. [Stuff you probably will know to do]. It’s hard, but the only strikes that matter are on Laz. If you don’t get him in a dome, and drop to around 1/3 armour, either mitigate or flee. There WILL be more domes.

The most effective way to get Laz is by ambush. Get a surprise AS, vortex on him when they’re looking for you and take it from there. Jack’s satellites should be destroyed in domes, but it’s better to just dodge them.

Slim / Sunny / Maggie / Lennox

GG. [Haven’t actually seen this comp often.]

Might not be great advice -.^ I tend to just play the situation, and don’t have much other tactics other than “x is my first priority with this comp”. If I see any other possible incaps, I’ll take them, but I’ll usually look for the weakest link, any mistakes, or go for my HVT.


I would like to give you all the intel i have on this topic but it would be long as a novel. :confused:


Pretty much this. I don’t play kraken, but I use a similair tactic as wraith. A fleeing caira with a good hank is REALLY hard to down. Give her a good slap, get her on her toes and then hit hank til he ghosts.

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I absolutely love it when a monster ignores Hank and tries to take me…It’s hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s what…