Kraken Adaptation Speculation


I’m not sure but i kinda feel that the adaption for kraken will be a flying mammoth bird.
You can use this thread to also complain about how op it will be.

Kraken adaptation ideas

He’s gonna be so Op man, I swear I’m not crazy. This Kraken is gonna be

Because Wraith had the opportunity and blew it. Kappa.

I hope for some grounder variant and I really wonder how different it will look from Og Kraken.


Didnt the TU speculation thread lable the adaption as Charger Kraken? That could give some insight to it.


i hate the word kappa but i agree, a faster kraken that does less damage or has sneakier-ish abilities would be awesome.

Like instead of after shock doing damage all at once it does aoe dot around itself, some people have said lightning strike as mulitple mini strikes that you place then they shoot, vortex could pull targets closer rather than away, and banshee mines would maybe be able to fire 1 instead of 3, it follows the hunters like normal and pops to do damage like normal but if its shot at stage 1 it just breaks at stage 2 it would pop but another mine pops out and starts following and stage 3 you would have to pop the orginal mine and then the 2nd mine and then the 3rd mine. so that way its more likely for the mine to be able to do the damage but you couldnt have them littering the battlefield.

As for base kraken it would be faster and all of those abilities would be either slightly less damaging or have slightly longer cooldowns or both


Maybe he could deal extra dmg in water like lightning strikes water?


Not too much though


i think that would be hard to do but thats a cool idea


Maybe it could be occasional, like a quick burst of lightning strikes the water and hunters within vicinity take additional dmg from that attack. Cooldown would play a factor in power but it’s only an idea.


That idea of quick Lightning Strike made me think about it. What if the adaption brings us instant lightning strikes with high damage but minuscule blast radius. Something like a snipe skillshot.
Edit: obviously with a faster cast time, or it would be damn easy to dodge. The concept behind this skill is no more aimed for aoe dmg but for single burst dmg.


@Jev it took me a while to find your edit and i was surprised by how much precision is required for thread titles… lol


It’s just easier on the eye. That’s all. A lot of people get drawn to a thread when it looks proffesional (capital letters, spelling etc.). Is it ok that I changed it?


It is fine, no complaints about it. Just surprised by this little detail lol


And now, back to da topic. :slight_smile:


It better be something tough. Hunters now have passive AoE healing, 3/4 members with shields, one with a back up shield, burn damage up the wazoo.

It’s a little intimidating as a monster player.


No that was @Azmi_Anuar being funny. Kraken has this bug where he can “charge” a hunter into a wall when he pounces them and it does extra damage. The kraken adaptation is confirmed to be in production, but isn’t confirmed to be revealed anytime soon. It’s speculated to be revealed in the next TU.

Charger Kraken aka Fifth Ability bug.
Kraken at high latency, pouncing a hunter can cause the Kraken to charge the hunter into a wall. Causing the hunter to drop out of the world and get stretched to death.

Edit 2: I’m a spaz and can’t seem to be able to directly quote Azmi, but that first edit is from the next TU speculation thread :confused:


I still like the idea of a short circuit/ EMP version where Krakeb can increase cools own times.


Every body suggests that the monster will be in the next TU… But remember that the monsters are the most labor intensive and balance changing parts of these game

So it’s totally possible kraken could skip a TU while we get the the first two tier three hunters first

Makes sense to me since it would resemble their most recent release cycle and give them the most time to balance/improve upon the new monster


I really hope not. So sick of all the hunter pamper.


#I call OP on new Kraken.


I have two words for you

#red electricity