Kraken adaptation aftershock possibility


This weeks live stream with evolve was pretty interesting. They largely covered aspects of HOW evolve is made, and still being worked on, bringing on a lot of new faces from “behind the scenes” at the office telling us how they do programming, handle art assets, develop the sounds (Which was SUPER interesting btw, loved that segment), how monster concepts are brought to life, and how they evolve from concept to final product.

But, there was one part in particular I thought was super neat and caught my attention.

While @Macman was talking about the development of monsters- He started talking about how difficult it is to actually develop the abilities they use. They were talking about how youll write down an idea for an ability, with all these ideas of “how” itll be used and itll be amazing and fun and whee and then they go make the ability aannndd… It sucks. Its either not as fun as you thought, or difficult to use properly, or isnt balanced, etc. Macman went on to talk about how its not uncommon for only a portion of the “idea” of an ability to remain, and the details change around it to meet all these goals- Become an ability thats fun, and useful, but at the same time balanced for the game, etc.

To demonstrate this point- Macman started talking about kraken, and elaborated that originally krakens Aftershock acted as more of a chain lightning ability. The ability would hit a hunter, and then blast from hunter to hunter, chaining to them if they were close enough. The idea being to be an ability that forced them not to group up. He said this was later removed because test players found it a bit difficult to worry about not just their positioning with the monster, but their positioning with the monster AND their teammates.

Now- IMO, i dont think this argument would hold up very well anymore. I can see why this WOULD have been true, originally- because lets face it, a LOT of “mechanics” at evolves core are NEW to a LOT of people for competitive FPS combat. With so many OTHER new things, this could easily be just icing on the “too much to learn” cake. But now? Coordinated players are doing this. All. The. Time. Youre expected to be mindful of where your team is, AND where the monster is.

But HERE is where is gets interesting. There is a small tid bit I caught, that i could not over look


And its just turned off.

Mwahahahahaha. I will NOT be surprised if we see this ability of aftershock simply “turned on” should we ever be fortunate enough to see a kraken adaptation. Or maybe im completely off base, and looking too much into a passing comment. Maybe he didnt mean the code is “as there” as I might have thought he meant, in regards to making this a “mechanic” that could “work with” the aftershock we have now.

Just thought some of you might find this interesting :stuck_out_tongue: If you didnt catch this weeks lives stream, and are interested in HOW evolve is made- seriously, go watch it. it was awesome.

Meaty an experimental adaptation?
Elder Kraken - Unleashed NOW!

the code may still be there, but the numbers arent.
when they rework krakens damage and buff/nerf him, I doubt they would mess with that also, because logically, it wouldnt make any sense.
AAAND, the game was still in development when that was an ability, so im guessing the graphics would be pre release kraken graphics.
oh yes and finally, WHY WOULD KRAKEN NEED ANOTHER AFTERSHOCK BUFF? he is the only monster seen played in esl, do you really want to see nothing but kraken … forever?

but i digress



Just to be clear- I was talking about a kraken ADAPTATION.

Like meteor goliath. Or the upcoming rogue val/blitz markov. This would be a “different kraken”, not a straight “buff to aftershock”.


i understand that, but chain aftershock can only lead to it being the most op thing in the game, not to mention pairing it with cooldown reduction, negate the increased cooldown


Wait… What?


edited the post, must have misspelt


Youre calling a mechanic with undefined numbers OP. Obviously the numbers would need to be adjusted so that it reflected the changes. Much like how meteor goliaths abilities go further, faster, and do more overall damage if the burn is allowed to run its course, but do less up front damage and cooldown slower. Talking about the benefits of cooldown reduction, on an ability that isnt guaranteed to have the same cooldown it does now, doesnt hold water.

No ones saying itll do the same damage. Or have the same range. Or the same cooldown. Basically EVERY “number” about it, would probably change


I just dont think it will resonate well with the pubs, they are, after all, the most important part of the game. if they have to put more effort into a game that already involves so much, positioning wise, it will be labeled op


Aftershock already currently does this- Big time. Bear in mind the context of whats being talked about. This aspect was removed because of the reasons cited- BUT look at how aftershock worked AT LAUNCH when this “logic” was applicable and relevant. Aftershock brought the kraken to a crawl. You didnt have to worry about positioning around each other, just had to get away from kraken when you saw the wind up. Then a bug made its way through- And kraken was capable of flying while casting aftershock. Now, suddenly- you DID have to spread out. This one change alone meant that you did (and still DO) have to worry about your positioning with your team, AND the monster. If 2 people are bunched up, theyre BOTH going to eat aftershock.

The devs liked this mechanic- Aftershock was suddenly a powerful ability that krakens were taking, and they left it.

Tl:dr aftershock was changed from launch, and already DOES what they were worried about it doing during development.

Now, please do NOT get me wrong. If you dont like the concept, Im totally cool with that, and COMPLETELY understand. Just pointing out that its kind of difficult to call something OP when were obviously looking at changing all the supporting numbers around that change, and that criticizing the concept of the core mechanic when its very in line with what the ability currently does now (albeit with a different flavor) is, well, a smidge dubious. at least in my eyes.


Sounds interesting, and the excuse was because they couldn’t look after there TM’s as well? What a joke…


There is actually a bideo of this ability on Chris Ashtons youtube channel. Im too busy to find it and link it now though.


Well, in fairness- Put yourself back in your noobie shoes your first couple of days, even couple of weeks during evolve. It was new-mechanic overload. At least it was for me. Learning what monsters do, and how they do it, while trying to learn my own kit, and how to use it effectively, but also how to use it effectively with the REST of my teams kit, all of which had multiple choices they could pick from and changing just ONE of those pieces changes a lot of how i should use my stuff and when. All while trying figuring out how to HUNT a monster, and not just chase a monster, on brand new maps that you didnt know…


Oh back in the day I could name many things that I disliked. Medic and trapper I HATED when I first started playing. Absolutely hated.

I think they could bring it back now. I mean what could go wrong?


No… You didn’t misspell anything. I just don’t understand your argument entirely.


In light of the new kraken adaptation- Just wanted to chime in and say

Mwahahaha. :stuck_out_tongue: