Kraken ability usage


Krakens abilities need a slight Cooldown inbetween useage they can be used as a combo way to quickly compared to other monsters basically incapping a hunter instantly

Can people play something other then kraken?
[Poll] Kraken Aftershock

Aftershock and Lightning Strike already have a long cast time, while Banshee Mines are getting arm time and are already easily destroyed by anyone with an automatic weapon.


Other monsters can combo quickly too.

Behemoth - Tongue grab, hard strike, fissure, lava bomb.
Goliath - Jump-hammer, charge, rock throw (should be close to death unless healed a bit), leap smash/flame.

Kraken’s abilities are easier to dodge with the changes. I actually recorded some gameplay of me as trapper vs kraken, pretty much dodging 80-90% of his abilities. It takes timing and awareness of your surroundings, and at times a little help from your team.

I’d like some more info on what combos you’re specifically referring to.

EDIT: Looks like I didn’t record that game after all :frowning:


Another crier out there. LS cast time - 2.1 seconds, Aftershock - near the same. And you call for even more wind-up between them? I suggest you look at other monster’s chaining abilities - every monster has it.


It does look ridiculous with the animation for vortex and then banshee mines looks like kraken is about to sneeze.


Im not saying nerf the kraken just with how much damage they do and how fast and effective they can be its just a little cray cray


I’m not saying nerf anything I just find the animation being cut short funny looking.


Animation does look weird lol