Kraken Ability Help


Anyone know whats a good way to master the krakens abilities or how to go about doing so? Like what map and such. Mainly the third stars for its abilities im having a hard time with. Anyone whos mastered the kraken or has used it alot have any advice? Any help or info is much appreciated :slight_smile: like what map to use for best results or how do use the moves…


Solo -> Custom game -> defense maps.

I use those maps to do most rank 3 masteries. It was especially helpfull for Abe’s “hit monster with a tracking dart from at least 60 meters away”.

It’s easy because you always know where to expect the hunters/monster and you can start at Stage 3, nullifying the time you usually spend on evolving.


:open_mouth: MEEP!! thanks never thought of that. U said u use to do mist third masteries so this works for all the monsters ur saying? As well as hunters or just monsters?


Exactly like @Graeves said, play solo custom games and don’t worry about the objective just focus on the hunters and keep going even if you lose the game just rinse and repeat, also pick daisy as she counts as an extra hunter so easier to hit those multiple target challeneges


WOW i thought daisy dudnt count so i mostly ignored her e.e


U mean solo defense games yeah or does it not matter?


Defend as you can get abilities up to three points from the start making it easier to hit and damage targets


Defense games have you starting at Stage 3, so it’s easier because your abilities start out at their peak.

And ofcourse, hunters gather alot around the generators so it’s fairly easy hitting multiple targets at once.

Lastly, yup, you can do that for both hunter and monster masteries.


I seewhat aboyt the settings?respawn time to default ? IM thinking short timer so they spawn frequently and i can do more damage. And setting the incapacitated one to infinite so they keep getting up?


I usually don’t touch the settings, not sure if changing them will disable XP gain or something like that.

You could experiment a round, see if it still counts towards mastery.


Oh. I almist forgot. I know defend to try now but what map or maps are good for the kraken i kniw theres a tier where u have to hit 360 or somethibg like that hunters in mid air with vortex any perticular map good for that one? Cuz it sounds like its gonna be a chore and very frustrating


Well, that’ll be a pain to do, even with those maps.

Not sure if any map is particularly suited for that.


One more question what do u do do u put alk three points on one abimity when ur trying to finish the last one or do u put two points in one and one in another or do u put one in each? Which would be most beneficial u think?


Max the ability you need mastery points for. The increased damage/range/radius will make it easier.


Right right!!! :slight_smile: thanks fir all the insight mang :slight_smile: i will look for u again if i need help again :slight_smile:


If you want to fully cheese it you could try something like tweak the custom game settings so the hunters respawn in 15 seconds, then wait at the dropship and vortex as they drop in. Kill them again and repeat.

It would be really time consuming doing it this way though, haha.


Mmm i see what u mean


I was thinking if changung the time but idk o.o