Kraken Abilities?


Okay, so the only thing we know for sure the Kraken will have is some form of electric attack as seen towards the end of his reveal video. So my question is what are ideas for his moves? The only idea I can even conceive with my now overly hyped and jittery mind came come up with is maybe an AOE tentacle flail attack. Also, 2 other things I noticed was that 1, the Kraken can fight while on walls, and 2, if hunters are in water and the Kraken uses lightning… well the rest should be obvious lol


Sorry, I need to say that the kraken doesn’t necessarily fight on walls, he can fly


he has an awesome force pulse looking ability. that giant aoe attack. so thats one. then he has a hadouken looking thing. and what looking like a dive/pounce move


Krakens attack abilities:

Lightning strike


Banshee mines



Yup, I saw lightning strike, but anyone know which of the other 3 are which?


banshee mines are floating bombs that float towards hunters. u can shoot them to not get hit. vortex is the big dome of death thing. and after shock must be the slam


It also seems to have limited flight abilties


@SlabOMeat Can the kraken climb walls like goliath?


Yup! He just doesn’t need to quite as often since he can fly around.


How loud is the flying? basically can you perform stealth moves in the air?


You can’t sneak while flying. You definitely give up some stealth ability in return for faster movement, just like Goliath leaping. It’s a choice you have to make. We have some guys that like to stick to the ground early game to be more sneaky, and some who go full blast flying.


So does flying make some kind of “noise” or leave some kind of trail? Or is it just because you are up in the air (and thus not in cover) that makes you less stealthy?


I take it you mean except for removing footprints?


Flying still leaves a trace - you’re using your dark energy to power you through the air, and that energy arcs to the ground leaving scorch marks.


i was just about to post how does he fly and let ppl put their thots in. thanks for answering :slight_smile:


Oh ok, that sounds very cool. Kraken seems to be kind of the “psychic” uses his mind type with the lightning.


I take it scorch marks are less visible than footprints?


The cool thing about Kraken’s scorch marks versus his footprints is that they are non-directional. So you might see a trail of scorch marks, but you can’t make out which direction like you can a foot print.

Kraken is a blast to play and fight against, when the vertical element is introduced it changes the game completely.


At the end, my idea of “a liquid that lost the flying monster” is here ^^ I guess good, in sort of way…

Mmmmh I have lots of interrogation about “Banshee mines” …?
What is it actually ? How much is it dangerous…? How does it taste like ?..

We saw only a little of its use…

*(mmmmh by the way I really love the effect on your HUD when you’re hit by an electric attack ^^) *