Kraken 101: Flying. How to


I’m stumped!

Maybe it’s false perception but I could have SWORE I’ve battled Krakens who could stay airborne until they wanted to land. I never got to play Kraken in Alpha or Beta, and I usually pride myself on being able to find information on Google, but there’s just absolutely nothing on it. Nobody talks about control schemes, not even the game itself.

Someone please tell me how I can stay in the air as Kraken. I’m almost to a point where I’m thinking that it’s working as intended, and I’ve just always been under the presumption that Kraken can fly/land at will, bursting as his stamina allows. Was I wrong? Basically, after bursting into the air, I fall back to the ground in 6-7 seconds. No tranq darts, no stasis grenades. Kraken DOES fly right? This would be more like leap floating, lol.


I suffer the same issues…I find Kraken incredibly hard to maneuver. He does gradually always descend. If I need to get higher I have to come to a complete stop and burst upwards, then I move left and right to try to stay afloat. Sometimes it works but other times not so much.


Wow, validation. I honestly feel better; Thought I was going mad there, lol.

I’m like “I KNOW… I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that I’ve seen people battle as Kraken and stay in air for like the whole duration of a dome.” So I cannot fathom why Kraken wants to land all the time. It’s one thing if I hold crouch, I understand that’s the land command (and it works fine).

The ONLY other thing I could think of is that your stamina increases in battle, and maybe it was fast enough for him to constantly burst upwards and maintain actual flight… It just doesn’t seem logical…


When in the air you can press SPACE without any direction.That will make Kraken go even higher.Kraken needs some time to get used to.My problem is that i can’t with him Kraken anymore.Against medium-decent hunters you are getting caught and can never find 10 seconds to evolve.


I start to fly off of a high up area, then airburst up once. This allows me to fly for long periods of time without landing.


So I PRESS (or is it HOLD?) the same button that makes leap into the air or use airburst while letting go of directional keys?

I’m gonna go try that right now. I can honestly say that in 2.4 billion years I’d have never thought to use the same button that was dedicated to doing “Fast Traversal” for other monsters to double up as a “increase altitude” button.


A brief tutorial.

jump + direction press = crash into the ground in that direction

jump + N/A = fly straight up max of 3 cool story bros off the ground directly underneath

jump + lightning strike = fly up and stay there to do your cool move like a ninja

jump + wait for descent + jump again = stay up at 3 cool stories.

jump + direction press and jump = crash into the wall/ground in that direction.


Do you mean IN combat? Because while in combat, as long as you don’t use all three pips of travel stamina you will stay in the air indefinitely.


Hmm. No go on flying. So far, Kraken only leaps-floats. I’m beginning to think this is by design and it just never came across like this. There is no ‘jump’ button for monsters that I’m aware of.

If I use spacebar, the same button assigned to Goliath’s traversal leap, Kraken leaps into the air. At that point if you take your hands off the keyboard, he begins to descend automatically to the ground, despite letting the pips recharge or not.

He is either broken, buggy, or working as intended.


So are you saying that bursting with no directional buttons pressed is best for maintaining altitude? Because i am basically on the same page as aegis here. @MrStrategio any idea? (Thanks)


By Jump he means when you press the button that launches Kraken into fly mode the first time.


It is done by managing his bursts (the equivalent of a Goliath leap). When in combat you recharge your traversal ability much faster. If you make use of the neutral burst (on pc, double tap space with no direction after taking off) you can propel yourself higher. It is far from infinite and is only prolonged extensively in combat due to the increased recharge rate when you are being shot at. It also depends on the height of the ground you are flying over, it won’t let you stay high if the ground falls down beneath you in most places.


Thank you for the clarification.

So Kraken CAN’T technically fly. He and leap and float. Like a long delayed jump. So out of combat, you go from leaping off the ground to using up to 3 pips to increase your “jump distance”. When in combat, the pips recharge fast enough so that he can keep himself in perpetual “flight” only then. (By what I presume is having to constantly aim upwards and regain altitude).

Wow. I don’t think that mechanic could have been more convoluted, lol. But at least now I understand how its intended to be used. Appreciated.


you can also look straight down and burst backwards, thatll give you altitude albeit less when using the double tap neutral


No problem :slight_smile: Yeah his bursts work similar to the hunter’s jetpack