Korsoth the Trapper, Mason the Medic, and Dietrich the Support

Would make my life complete.

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I may be missing somethin but other that Mason who I think I know where he is from where are you pulling these names from? I saw that name for the trapper somewhere else…I haven’t been on the forums extensively the past few days personal stuff :smile:

Isnt Dietrich dead? Abe daid that everyone died except for him and Parnell (and Sunny and possibly even Mason) But Dietrich was on the Sword when everything blew up and Abe and Parnell only suvived because they where on the cockpit right? But then again Evolve can pull it off somehow.


It’s all in the lore.

Read all of the Hunter stories.

Sunny survived. Dietrich could have survived, somehow - same with Mason.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Mason for medic!ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

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Those names… :frowning:

Deal with it :sunglasses:

And…if you need video proof.



The numbers Mason. What do they mean?

Haha,sigh, kill me.

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That’s not how one pronounces Dietrich …

Why would you have both Dietrich and Sunny as Support though. I think Support is a woman BTW.

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Arthur the monster?`

flies off

More like [unamed basilisk soldier]

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Torvald’s friend
flies off even further

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The lazarus man merged with him and now are one.

“*dee-trich” (with a “Chanukah” ch sound)

But…he didn’t say it horribly wrong. I mean. Most Anglicanizations of it would actually be what he said.


But they really have to say Dietrich with an hardcore accent. That would at least make a good support name even without knowing the lore about him. Let’s recall him into Hans

Dietrich has lady parts.

Plus an accent would mean finding a V.A. with an accent. Or at least an imitation that wouldn’t be found offensive.

hell no! I want squire!